01 Sep 2009

Iowa Gay Marriage Statistics Show That People Don’t Marry Just for Legal Status

Same sex marriage in Iowa became legal in April. But since then, half of these marriages have been by out-of-state residents, the Associated Press reported on Sunday: [S]tate data show about 45 percent of Iowa's same-sex marriages were between out-of-state couples. Of the 676 same-sex couples, 312 couples weren't from

31 Aug 2009

In Florida Gay Adoption Case, State Uses Self-Created Justifications in Favor of Ban

The Florida district court of appeals last week heard arguments on a case challenging the state's gay adoption ban. The state said that the ban is justified because gay couples are more prone to domestic violence, psychiatric disorders, and breakups. These arguments may sound familiar–they are the same ones used by

30 Aug 2009

DOMA Prevents Government From Incentivizing Good Behavior in Same Sex Relationships

Repealing the Defense of Marriage Act is not just about equality–it's also about encouraging socially beneficial behavior in gay relationships. Fred Silberberg, a Los Angeles attorney that has practiced family law for over 20 years, wrote in the Huffington Post about the unnoticed effects of the Defense of Marriage Act.