30 Nov 2010

Proposition 8 Appeal: Schedule and Timetable

Wondering what will happen with the Prop 8 appeal? Most people know that the Prop 8 trial decision, which ruled against the law banning gay marriage in California, has been appealed. But many aren’t sure what happens next. Here’s what you need to know: Oral Arguments On December 6, a

23 Nov 2010

Would a Supreme Court Decision Favoring Gay Marriage Decrease Public Support?

When Iowa voters casted out three state judges that voted in favor of gay marriage rights earlier this month, I was reminded how many times a popular vote has been in favor of gay marriage: zero. Even in liberal Maine, voters struck down a gay marriage law. Instead, gay marriage

17 Nov 2010

Gay Rights Legislation Overview: Outlook for Lame Duck Congress

Come January, Republicans will take over the U.S. House, and the Democratic Senate majority will shrink. That means Democrats have less than two months in a lame-duck session to enact any significant gay rights legislation. Once the new Republican representatives move in, it’s just not going to happen until at

16 Nov 2010

E-Marriage Project: Over-Hyped, But Still Important

With only 5 states allowing gay marriage, it’s hard for LGBT couples to get married. But e-marriages might change that. John Wright from the Dallas Voice reported last week about two men who got married while physically in Texas, even though the state bans gay marriage. The marriage ceremony was

12 Nov 2010

Concise Guide to Gay Marriage Lawsuits

[Cross-posted at the Gay Law Report, where I discuss LGBT laws and related news.] Earlier this week, the ACLU filed a lawsuit in New York alleging that the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] violated the Constitution’s equal protection clause. The number of gay marriage lawsuits has been adding up, so

03 Nov 2010

Election Losses of Iowa Justices Hurt Marriage Equality Efforts Nationwide

Last year the seven justices of the Iowa Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a state law that denied same sex marriage. Yesterday, three of those justices were voted out of office. The other four weren’t up for reelection. Why the Iowa Justices Lost Their election losses were the culmination of a

30 Oct 2010

How to Have Two Dads, Two Moms, and Be Legal Too

I like to watch Modern Family. Sure, it has your traditional mom-dad-and-the-kids family. But it also has a family with two gay men and their adopted asian girl as well as one with an old man and his (much) younger Colombian wife with her son from a previous marriage. Those

28 Oct 2010

4 Legal Issues to Consider Before Moving In With Your Partner

When a relationship starts getting serious, people think about living together. For some couples, this happens after just a few months. Others might wait a year or more before deciding to move in together. Often, especially for younger couples, this means moving into one person’s apartment or other rented home.

24 Feb 2010

Maryland May Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages

The Maryland attorney general today said that the state should recognize gay marriages performed in other states. Here's the text [PDF] of the attorney general's opinion. This would make Maryland and New York the only states that don't allow gay marriage themselves, but do recognize ones from states where gay marriage

23 Feb 2010

Louisiana Adoption Case Shows That Conservative Judges Can Uphold Gay Rights

A lot of times people assume that all conservatives are against gay rights and all liberals are for them. A federal gay marriage case is risky, they say, because the Supreme Court has a conservative majority. Or, as they said before, Maine voters will uphold gay marriage because it's such a