23 Nov 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving GOP Vote: Disgusting

The U.S. Commerce Department reports today that corporate profits are at a record high, at a time when corporations are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash reserves. At the same time, 15 million Americans are still looking for work. Two years after the financial collapse caused by right-wing deregulation and

03 Nov 2010

Voters Want a Recovery That Works for Everyone

Angry voters sent a clear message on Tuesday: Much, much more must be done to put America back to work. But voters rejected right-wing and Tea Party candidates who argued that government should do nothing to improve the economy or protect working families during the worst economic crisis the Great

29 Oct 2010

What’s at Stake Tuesday

The conventional wisdom in Washington right now is that the Republicans are about to take back the House, and possibly the Senate. That would be awful news for every American who believes that government should protect the interests of American working families rather than international corporate interests.

24 Sep 2010

The GOP’s Bizarre and Cynical “Pledge to America”

One can only marvel at the extreme cynicism evident in the Republican Party’s bizarre 21-page “Pledge to America.” The document is only the tip of the iceberg and masks the real agenda of Republican leaders. That agenda remains what it has been for the past generation: transferring more of the nation’s wealth from working families to the wealthiest people in the country.

02 Aug 2010

Call Your Senators Today to Protect a Million Jobs

Earlier this year, Democrats in the Senate tried three times to pass legislation that would help states deal with growing Medicaid rolls, the joint federal-state health care program for the poor. Each effort has failed in the face of united Republican obstructionism.

23 Jun 2010

More Jobs = Less Debt

In the worst economy since the Great Depression, far too many Americans are out of work. Despite the rising fears of more job losses, the Senate is refusing to do what is necessary to protect and create jobs.

24 May 2010

The Assault on Public Employees

For more than a generation, America’s working families have been under a constant assault from the CEO’s and extraordinarily wealthy members of our society. While median incomes in the U.S. have stagnated since the mid-1970’s, incomes for those in the top five percent have more than doubled.

14 May 2010

It’s Time to Hold Wall Street Accountable

Almost two years have passed since the taxpayers of America gave the titans of Wall Street more than $700 billion to keep the world’s economic system from plunging into another world-wide Great Depression.

24 Mar 2010

Cows on the Track

Michael Steele, the hapless chairman of the Republican National Committee, was asked a while back by Fox News how he would stop health care reform. “I will be the cow on the track,” he answered.

16 Mar 2010

This is the Week

This is the week we’ve been waiting for.

This is the week when Democrats in Congress can prove that it is still possible for our political institutions to stand with the American people in a time of crisis.