15 Jan 2009

CNN Resurrects the Demons

Frist, Thompson, et. al.

09 Jan 2009

What Are Your Children Reading?

NY Times piece about Progressive and Capitalist messages in children’s literature.

09 Jan 2009

Wonder What He and God Will Talk About Next

Neale Donald Walsch of the “Conversations with God” series published a Christmas essay on belief.net claiming it was his work.

07 Jan 2009

Most Troubling Thing I’ve Heard Obama Say

In an interview (NBC) Obama said he had consulted with economic advisors across the political spectrum and they are in consensus about what needs to be done.

04 Jan 2009

Chicago Sun Times: Reid to Blagojevich- Don’t Send Me Any Black Guys

A Chicago Sun Times piece makes clear why Harry Reid couldn’t remember what he had said about who he wanted to replace Obama.

31 Dec 2008

Senate Democratic Leadership Vows to Swipe Bush’s Toilet Paper

Scumbag Democratic Senate Leadership (Reid and Durbin) vow to violate the Constitution over appointment of Roland Burris.

30 Dec 2008

Trying to Gain Perspective

What if Hamas were the New Jersey Devils and Israel were New York City?

26 Dec 2008

Deflation? Not in What I’ve Bought This Season

Inflation running high in items I buy in Illinois

24 Dec 2008

CNN – Hast Thou No Sense of … ? Of What? Purpose?

CNN touts “the bare-chested Obama”; NPR Sarah Palin’s calves. How debased can the imaged media get?

22 Dec 2008

Cheney: Pelosi, Reid and Other Congressional Leaders Just as Guilty

In a Chris Wallace interview, Cheney says Congressional leadership was briefed on Administration’s criminal acts, approved and endorsed secrecy.