03 Sep 2007

More “Ex-Gay” Lunacy

I've said it before, and I'll say it again – the so-called “ex gays” are too loony for words, and they're not a group to be believed, ever. The “ex gay” wackos are constantly going apeshit, and accusing openly gay people of not allowing them any room. Why should we?

31 Aug 2007

“…some of my best friends are homosexual”

It's hilarious when Jim Naugle, Peter LaBarbera, or any of these other homosex-obsessed wackos goes on a crazy anti-gay nazi tirade, and then ends with the tired and lame “I'm not homophobic; some of my best friends are homosexuals”. Bullshit! For one, they're lying. And two, if they're “some of

29 Aug 2007

LaBarbera Banquet Cancelled

Good As You (aka G-A-Y) reports that Peter LaBarbera's “ex gay” banquet has been cancelled. Holiday Inn says they're looking out for the safety of their staff and clients, for fear of protests. …..or maybe Holiday Inn is now aware that Peter LaBarbera is a sick man. Maybe they're now