27 Sep 2007

Glenn Beck’s Fake Pro-Gay Outrage

Check out Glenn Beck on CNN – have you ever seen such fake outrage, coming from a guy who recently said “lesbians aren't real women”? Like the “gay patriots”, Glenn Beck is a little too slow, Joe.  These idiots are throwing a fit, when gay organizations have been on the

22 Sep 2007


I think it's a good thing that people like Falwell, Chambers, Santorum, Harp, Wildmon, Bennett, Dobson, and these other wastes of flesh have hijacked and claimed Christianity for their own lunatic selves, with their own loony versions of Christianity, and use it to chase people out of churches everywhere. I

20 Sep 2007

What Is Matt Barber On, Anyway?

(commentary from story featured on G-A-Y):             Just when you thought the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Barber had stopped blabbing about the gays for this week, he's back again……and he's SCIENTIFIC! I can't waste much time on that homosex-obsessed oversized ted haggard in training right now, but

19 Sep 2007

Another PFOX Incident – Greg Quinlan

Wayne Besen reports another new PFOX incident, this time involving the very Mr. Greg Quinlan he recalled in his recent post about the Regina Griggs from PFOX fiasco. When Nick Benton of Falls Church News Press approached him so he could report on the PFOX booth, Quinlan tripped out, accusing

18 Sep 2007

Matt Barber Is A Wannabe Joseph Goebbels

(in reference to The Blend's recent Matt Barber article from this weekend)                                             I hope everyone had a good weekend!  The weather here has been pretty decent on some

14 Sep 2007

Two-Faced Alan Chambers

Look at two-faced treacherous Alan Chambers and his fake blue contacts, trying to make it seem as if he is just simply an “ex gay” with no agenda or hatred for the gay community! LOL In this interview, superficial Alan Chambers reveals that he felt he needed to become “ex

13 Sep 2007

Pink Shirts: Students Standing Up To Bullying

Via Dan Savage: Students from Nova Scotia helped a freshman who was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school by distributing pink shirts for other students to wear in response to bullying.  Other students wore other pink items in support, and one brought a pink

10 Sep 2007

Pink Swastika Lie: John Wayne Gacy

      I was skimming through my copy of The Pink Swastika (by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams), and among the many many lies on every single page, one section caught my eye: In the “American Nazis” chapter (pg. 210-211), Lively and Abrams makes the hilarious claim that “homosexuals

05 Sep 2007

Texas “Ex Gay Therapist” In Prison For Sexual Assault On Clients

Surprisingly, I've never heard of this local “ex gay therapist”, from nearby Irving, TX….. Christopher Austin, a quack “ex gay therapist” was sentenced to 10 years in prison, 7 probation, for sexually assaulting his clients for years (and taking their money). Several clients testified, and Austin was sent packing with

05 Sep 2007

“The Exorcist” In Church

Back in grade school, I remember other kids telling everyone that they were forced to watch the horror film The Exorcist in their church! Some had also mentioned they were forced to listen to a Motley Crue album backwards, as the DJ somehow hysterically found hidden “satanic messages”. I don't