14 Jun 2007

Echo: Tancredo Twink Was Not “Outed”

Although the gay neo-con's are clucking and flapping their wings up in their hen house over the whole Tyler Whitney situation, other bloggers and comments from visitors are reminding people of the fact that Whitney was not in fact “outed”. He silently “came out” to friends and was planning on

14 Jun 2007

GLB Craziness: Patriot Candles @ Walgreens

From gayleftborg.blogspot.com In GLB’s most ridiculous feat yet, I want to take a minute to have a Peter Griffin “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?” moment, and I hope it will result in a positive change. Everyone GLB knows likes scented candles, and there’s usually one burning at home. 

14 Jun 2007

GayLeftBorg on Music Collecting

I know some of my homepage blog readers likes music as much as I do, so today GLB will be talking a little about music collecting, which is one of my favorite things to do for fun. If you don’t follow a majority of the current trend of music like

13 Jun 2007

Stop adding more letters!

I must be behind on the times or something, because one thing I’ve been recognizing lately on gay oriented blogs is the “GLBT/LGBT” acronym has apparently been expanded to “GLBTQI”. WTF? I get the “Q” stand for “Queer” (I hope not “Questioning”, as in closet case kooks), but what does

10 Jun 2007

“Leaving The Gay Lifestyle”

One catch-phrase that the so-called “ex-gays” never get tired of bragging about is that they allegedly “left the gay lifestyle”. You’ve heard all of their sob stories before: at one time they were cum-bucket’s for hundreds and hundreds of men, they practically lived at the gay bars and bath-houses, they

06 Jun 2007

Pentacostal Zombies

Taken from my own blog today: “PENTACOSTAL ZOMBIES” (Comedy-form true story): We all make mistakes, and one of mine was attending a private “christian/southern baptist” affiliated college upon high school graduation. It wasn’t all bad, but the loons I encountered there will provide some nice story material in the future.