17 Aug 2007

Why The “Ex Gays” Will Never Be Taken Seriously

The longer the “ex gay” debate goes on, the kookier the so-called “ex gays” get. Each and every one of the “lead ex gays” has proven themselves to be nutty kooks with a Nazi agenda for the gays. All of the “lead ex gays” have talked about how gays should

05 Aug 2007

Why The Gay Community Will Never Have Any Rights

The big “christian war” on the gay community has been going on in the USA since shortly after Stonewall, and we really have not made any progress since then. Very little, if any. The biggest problem with the gay community is they choose total pussies to lead the gay rights

24 Jul 2007

Matt Sanchez: “I did those films to feel superior to people like you”

Live Leak member The Legendary Weasel puts republican wingnut/anti-gay former gay porn actor and prostitute Matt Sanchez in his place. As some of you may not know, our favorite gay-hating hooker has been spreading his poison over on media website Live Leak. Recently, Sanchez left Weasel a hateful message, claiming

12 Jul 2007

Funny Queer Music Fan Clip – 1976

Here's a funny little “retro queer artifact” I noticed on a fan-made Motown DVD a friend had mailed me:   The Supremes continued to have a gay following even after Diana Ross left the group. This clip was filmed by a fan, at a 1976 Supremes anniversary/convention. When Scherrie Payne

11 Jul 2007

Take The “Eliminate Michael Glatze” Pledge

Open letter to fellow bloggers and writers:  As some bloggers have expressed, the subject of Michael Glatze is starting to get old. He's becoming somewhat of the “Paris Hilton” of the gay community news lately. It was good kooky fun while it lasted, but let's get serious….. Come on now

04 Jul 2007

The Oogie Boogie Glatze

                      A former gay activist named Michael Glatze says he's going “ex gay”, and there's nothing anyone can say or do that'll change his mind. ……so what are you waiting for, Michael? Just don't push your new lifestyle on me

20 Jun 2007

Ex-Gay Movement Is Toast/Open Letter To Alan Chambers

It started with lead “ex gay” Alan Chambers and his fake blue contacts from Exodus making a statement recently; that he doesn't think he's ever met any truly converted “gay-to-straight” success stories, and that he even has homosexual temptations himself.  Well duh! Of course people can't change from “gay-to-straight”. Yes,

16 Jun 2007

How Gay Conservative’s Celebrate Their “UN-Pride”

While the majority of the GLBT community is off participating in the festivities or getting together with friends, the gay-hating homosexual neo-con's have their little “UN-Pride” festivities as well, including some rather interesting games: Where's Waldo – Pride Version  The gay conservatives gathers around a computer, using Google search for

16 Jun 2007

GLB on “Pride”

                    I've noticed several bloggers looking back on their first Pride for this year's Pride Month, so although brief, I'll comment on mine as well. My first Pride was a decade ago, and it was unlike the Pride parade's you see

15 Jun 2007

Tancredo Twink Was Not Outed Part II

I said I was going to cease posting about the Whitney situation yesterday, but I lied. This isn't so much about him, as it's about his “defenders”, if you want to call them that. Although I won't link to any of their outlets, the slithering eels known as gay neo-con's