10 Nov 2011

How to finish off Iran without firing a single shot

http://twitter.com/#!/peterdaou/status/124854113296056320 Yep, send the real terrorists to finish off the bogus ones. Maybe to all countries on the US hit list – Syria for example. In the same vein, during the healthcare debate of 2009, I read somewhere that if Osama Bin Laden wanted to finish off US easily ,

09 Oct 2011

Cenk Uygur ruthlessly mocks Erin Burnett, schools her (Video)

Classy. Cenk really sticks it to the condescending, sneering, elitist mockupier Erin Burnett. Hat tip : Susie Madrak Warning : coffee spill alert I don’t have a transcript . But a sample : “she went from protecting Wall Street on CNBC to protecting Wall Street on CNN. Wow, what a

04 Aug 2011

Some comic relief in the aftermath of the terrorist attack

So yet again, the terrorists threatened to take the good faith and credit of Uncle Sam hostage. And they got their way. You remember that thing called the PATRIOT Act? Is there anyway we can charge the President and the Democrats for supporting domestic terrorists under that? Just a thought.

19 Jul 2011

Flashback: “Shock & Awe” – Deficit hysteria whipped up to attack Canadian welfare state in 1993

This from Naomi klein’s excellent book “Shock Doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism”. h/t to Dave Johnson at Campaign for America’s Future , for the text from Klein’s book (so I didn’t have to type :-)) (Note: Emphasis mine) http://ourfuture.org/blog-entry/2011051914/debt-crisis-really In February 1993, Canada was in the midst of financial

19 Jul 2011

What an actual downgrading of US government debt means

The rating agencies S&P and Moody’s have been threatening to downgrade US government bond ratings because of “runaway” debt , at least since 2010. And they issued threats again last week amid the ongoing debt ceiling drama. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/sandp-warns-that-chance-of-downgrading-us-credit-rating-is-50-percent/2011/07/14/gIQAvUzwEI.html Standard & Poor’s said late Thursday that it could downgrade the U.S.

04 Jun 2011

“Thanks but no thanks”. Teachers excoriate Arne Duncan at Ed.gov

(cross-posted from Dailykos)   This in response to Duncan’s dishonest ,  concern-trolling (“Oh, I feel your pain”) trash of a letter he wrote during the National Teacher Depreciation Appreciation week. h/t Diane Ravitch In a rare instance in the last 2+ years, about 12 teachers including veteran teacher Anthony Cody

06 May 2011

A teacher’s royal smackdown of Arne Duncan.

(Cross-posted from Dailykos) This is priceless . Way to go, Teacher Sabrina. It is National Teacher Appreciation Week.And Arne Duncan, the “education” secretary pens an open letter to the teachers , full of platitudes. Considering the wide gap between his rhetoric and actions (enough to drive a truck through), no