28 Dec 2010

Why The Left Always Loses

We lose because, unlike the rightward activists in this Country, there is no coordinated policy goals or policy message that we bring to the table.

12 Dec 2010

Obama’s Totalitarian Vision of a Censored Society

Support of WikiLeaks may be the most constructive thing that all of us ordinary people can do now, to bring about pressure upon the ruling Elite class, and expose their genocidal and monetary crimes.

04 Nov 2010

Why Obama Must Be Primaried

The first thing he did was dismantle Howard Dean’s greatly effective DNC organization, and then he made a point of stocking up his policy team, and Cabinet with status-quo Neocons, WallStreeters, and Corporatists — all direct advocates of all the failed 2001-2007 policies that the public had just rebelled against. How could a smart man ever think this would be a winning formula?