13 Feb 2014

Edward Snowden Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize !

Two Norwegian MPs have put forward the whistleblower’s name for one of the world’s highest honors for “[contributing] to a more stable and peaceful world order” and speaking out against abuses of power. Here’s a link to the petition to the responsible committee to put Edward Snowden on the short

18 Jan 2014

Saturday Art: Your Personal Apocalypse

Your Personal Apocalypse Your personal apocalypse, your private Babylon, your polo horses, pool, and manicured lawn, the edifice is crumbling, what more is there to say. I see you in the hallway, but the house is burning down , a fool , a jester, prince without a crown. politician banksters,

16 Jan 2014

Very Important Development in the Fight to Rein in the NSA !

Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA, Turning Off Resources to Yakima Facility Please share this and contact those you know in Washington State and inform them Democracy is a participatory sport ! Get busy ! http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2014/01/washington-state-bill-proposes-criminalizing-help-to-nsa-turning-off-resources-to-yakima-facility/?doing_wp_cron=1389879834.3294179439544677734375#.Utfqt1_TmP8

11 Jan 2014

Saturday Art: Occupy Evolution

Original music and video written in honor of Occupy Wall Street.

11 Sep 2013

A Song to Commemorate the Other Sept.11th, in Tribute to Both

Q: Why has there never been a coup in the United States? A: Because there’s no American embassy there. –Old South American Joke Love this tune! The band who performed it, Inti Illimani, from Chile, was out of the country touring in Europe when the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende

08 Sep 2013

Hum Bomb !

07 Sep 2013

If You Haven’t Panicked Yet About Syria, A Few Of The Many Reasons You Should !

An American strike on Syria could very conceivably be the shot that is heard around the world. It could lead to a Third World War involving the most important players and economies on the world stage. Below are just a few of the facts that point to such a possibility.

31 Jul 2013

Rewriting the Dominant Paradigm, Thoughts on Evolution Part 1

Modern man lives for number one. What’s ironic about this is the small fact that more than any of his predecessors, he is dependent on others for every element of his survival . His clothes, transportation, food, shelter, entertainment and indeed all the most vital services which he enjoys and

15 Nov 2012

Define Interrogation .

Of course, this story pales in comparison to the four star sex scandal infotainment now being run on the six corporations own all your media propaganda stations. Meanwhile, in a country that spends as much as the entire planet combined on it’s military, has it’s entire population under surveillance, is