09 Dec 2010

Review: ‘With God on Our Side’ – Christian Zionist Movement Exposé

With God On Our Side is the most powerful, humane and compassionate documentary exposé of the Christian Zionist movement, and the impact of their ideology on the lives they have touched (and ruined), ever made. It is well crafted, subtle and fair. And — notable in the “when hell freezes over” department — it was directed and produced by… an American Evangelical.

29 Mar 2010

Our Very Own “Christian” Terrorists

Christian militia group called Hutaree charged with plot to kill cops are expected to be unsealed when some of the suspects appear in court later Monday.

26 Mar 2010

Republicans: Violent Losers

The Republicans have drunk deep at the well of their version of bad back woods moonshine. And their tainted moonshine of misinformation has blinded them. All they have left is the threat of violence.