13 Dec 2013

Gottfrid Svartholm and Robert Levinson, Two More Victims Of Lying, Spying, Thieving Generals

The worst of the worst of these Generals is General Michael Hayden. This General was the Director of the CIA until 2009. Under his leadership, the CIA spy Robert Levinson, was dispatched to Iran in 2007. For six years, the Spies and Generals lied about Levinson claiming he was a private citizens. Levinson was captured, probably by the Iranian secret police. But the Spies and Generals lied to the American people and they lied to Congress. Their criminal wars need a continuing “bodyguard of lies”.

08 Dec 2013

Deceptive, Ridiculous and Embedded

There is much in this article by Pratap Chatterjee that is valid. There
are also many claims by Chatterjee that are questionable. There is also much
Forbidden History that Chatterjee ignores. Chatterjee blames the failure of THE
GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR on the expensive contractors, the privatization of war and

Pratterjee is eiher ignorant that this is a feature, not a bug of the
“Intelligence Community”. Or he is catapulting this propaganda as an excuse for
the previous twelve years of failure. But it is not a failure. It is policy. US
Government terrorism needs assassins and torturers. They use secret mercenaries
for manufactured terror, as do all corrupt Empires.

12 Jul 2013

The People’s View: “President Obama Does Not Run Illegal Operations From The White House”

President Obama does not run illegal operations from the White House or mislead the American public about matters of grave importance in national security, says Spandan Chakrabarti at the People’s View. And President Obama did not “scramble jets” to shoot Edward Snowden out of the sky. And the President did give bags of cash, to the leader of Afghanistan, but that was legal. There are secret wars and secret bags of cash. But they are legal and the war profits are legal. Edward Snowden threatens those war profits.

29 May 2013

Conspiracy Theory Theatre, Undie Bomber #2 Sequel, “The Ruse”

False Flag Operation by the Intelligence Community has been compromised. Supposedly, a Saudi or British “double agent” magically fooled the Al Qaeda high command. AP told the world another Al Qaeda Underwear Bomber had been stopped. AP even delayed the story so the Drone Assassins could kill another Al Qaeda leader.

The Secret Government must protect its forbidden history. AP and other reporters are now targets of the Secret Government. It is another war by the Whole of Government against what remains of a free press.

26 Apr 2013

Congress Conspires to Exempt Congress From ACA, Or Just a Conspiracy Theory?

The Democratic Health Care Law, ACA, is universal privatized, Health Care Insurance. Or it is not quite universal, about 75%, and the medical rationing remains in corporate control. Congress is secretly attempting to preserve taxpayer subsidies, for members and their staff.

“But it is a Republican idea!’, as the President says frequently. ACA is a product of neo-con economists of the Heritage Foundation. Obama betrayed D’s who wanted an extension of Medicare, by supporting a R idea, again. The very influential Sen. Max Baucus and Sen. Chuck Grassley enabled this R idea, although now they are running away from it.

19 Apr 2013

Debunking Crazy UFO Conspiracy Theories, Easier Than Disclosing Neo-con War Conspiracies

There are more conspiracy theories than ever. This is a serious problem and serious journalists need to be debunking these Conspiracy Theories. Cass Sunstein and Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos, cannot do all the debunking by themselves.

White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars, What the FBI’s UFO Memo Shows About American Intelligence, White House Can’t Afford Its Shapeshifting Alien Reptile Guards

The DANGER ROOM has expanded their reporting of ConspiracyTheories. And it is a regular feature. The clever writers have a good old time making fun of silly people who tell ridiculous stories. Danger Room does tend to ignore the neo-con conspiracies that got us into wars that violate international law.

26 Nov 2012

Bimbo Gold Diggers In Slutty Outfits

Who could believe that less than three weeks ago, the Bimbo Gold Digger Twins of
Tampa Bay, were respected members of society. They had organized charities, and
parties with the highest ranking war commanders of CENTCOM They socialized and
laisoned with all the best people including the mayors, governors, on multiple occasions.

One Twin was “decorated” with a medal from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest military leaders of the USA. General Petraeus himself, presented the medal to Jill, for her Parties And Laisons Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty. All the Generals, Admirals, Military Contractors and Politicians, that the Twins seduced have some explaining to do. Hurricane Jill and Hurricane Natalie have left a trail of devastation and destruction, as they hosted and laisoned with all branches of government.

27 Sep 2012

David Allen Green: War! Pimp! Get Some! Now!

One shout out deserves another. When David Allen Green, used understated British sarcasm to insult me, I was crushed. My first trans-atlantic flame war. But it is a war. The Resistance versus the One Percent. David Allen Green, DAG is a pimp for war. Green is a liar for the American Secret Government of torturers and assassins. And Green has earned some Total Information Awareness because of his vast ignorance.

25 Aug 2012

Bradley Manning And Julian Assange Have Defeated Hillary, Barack, And The Bloody Secret Government

This one battle is over. Another day has passed and Julian Assange remains free from the torturers of the American Gulag. Bradley Manning is not free of torture, but he has survived another day. The Resistance against the Secret Government has won a victory. It is perhaps a small victory against the Secret Government. But we take what we can, after eleven years of official and covert criminality.

17 Aug 2012

Blabbermouth Spies Run Clumsy PsyOps Against “Leakers” And Other Truth Tellers

Yes, we honor their service and their sacrifice, of our military. We honor it until they use the Militarism to justify wars and oppress antiwar citizens. That is being done by OpSec. Opsec is a collection of Navy SEALS, Spies and other TeaBaggers whose mission is to Bring the Wars Home. The Military Occupations of Irak and Afghanistan get closer and closer to the Homeland. So I honor the WhistleBlowers and Truth Tellers.