25 Oct 2009

Should the Secret Service Protect Malia O from Her Hairdressers?

One study reported that 149 children died in one year as a direct result of hair straightening. One Brazilian woman reported after she had her hair straightened that she felt headaches and eye aches. In three days, she was dead. What information does the US Secret Service need to know

24 Oct 2009

Did Malio O. Have to Straighten Her Hair to Appear in the Official First Family Photo?

Does Malio O. have to check her African hair at the door of the White House? This white-DNA Barbie doll hair didn't happen by accident.  Somebody did this to Malio O. When I compare the Obama family's “official White House photo, taken in the Green Room” to other photographs showing

31 Aug 2009

Blogger Asks DA to Prosecute Social Worker who Fathered Client’s Baby

Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisolm Safety Building 821 W. State Street Rm. 405 Milwaukee, WI 53233 Phone:(414) 278-4646 Fax:(414) 223-1955  da.milwaukee@da.wi.gov   Dear Milwaukee District Attorney John T. Chisolm: I am an attorney and African American blogger, living in Brazil, and I have heard through afrosphere blogs in the

21 Jul 2009

New Videos Address Markos Moulitsas’ Opposition to ALL Gay Service in the Military

The YouTube videos below include the text of Markos Moulitsas' letter opposing ALL gay service in the US military, with commentary and context added by the Truth About Kos Blog.  These videos address the question, “Is Markos Moulitsas homophobic because he's gay, or is he terrified of gays because he's

16 Jul 2009

Sotomayor Hearings Prompt Long, Sloppy but Heartfelt Rant Against 2nd Amendment

I think the Second Amendment is the unfortunate result of a group of white-males-only making important decisions for all of us without adult supervision. – – Francis L. Holland The more I hear that Judge Sotomayor doesn't believe in an unlimited right to keep and bear arms, the more I

07 Jul 2009

Brazilian Government Has Free Pharmacies for Entire Population

The sign above the window says “Pharmacy for Basic Health” Cross-posted at Public Option Health Care Now. Yesterday afternoon in Brazil, I went to a Brazilian Government public pharmacy (see above) to fill receive the medicine prescribed for me last week by the doctor at the Government´s free neighborhood medical

06 Jul 2009

“Christian” “Declaration of American Values” Opposes “Progressive Taxation”, Rejects Luke 12:48

The Washington Post reports that the Christian Right is trying to reframe and reorganize itself. A new coalition has come up with a new set of values that they call their "Declaration of American Values." (Even though these people are white, I'm going to capitalize the name of their loosely

30 Jun 2009

Yes, the Ethnic Group Name “Black” Must Be Spelled with a Capital “B”

Cross-posted at the American Journal of Color Arousal. Over at The Study of Racialism blog, they have reposted my discussion of my anger at white newspapers for deciding not to capitalize the "B" in the name of the ethnic group "Blacks." At The Study of Racialism blog, they seem to

18 Jun 2009

Has the afrosphere Been Infiltrated by CIA Agents and Assets?

Cross-posted at The Truth About Kos (DailyKos) and posted as a comment at Jack and Jill Politics. This post is in response to a post I read over at Jack and Jill Politics, entitled, “Jill [Contee] is Headed to Blogging While Brown on Friday.” Jill reports that there will be

18 Jun 2009

Is National Health Care Dead in the US?

Cross-posted at the Francis L. Holland Blog. Today, the media is reporting that Tom (I didn’t pay my taxes) Daschle is saying that the “public option” ought to be taken off the table in order to get a bipartisan (Republicans rule) health care plan. Well, is there any way that