08 Jan 2010

Please Butt Out of the NY Senate Race, Harold Ford!

Harold Ford should butt out because he wouldn't represent even moderate values in the Senate . Does NY want to send someone who voted for the Federal Marriage Amendment, opposes repeal of DADT and the Uniting American Families Act, and wants to control the wombs of women? What good is

01 Jan 2010

Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) Disavows Membership in Any Ethnic Group other than White

If you want to learn about and understand a public figure and find his “macaca moments”, there is no better place to start than the articles he wrote for his college newspaper. Yet, to my knowledge, no “mainstream” media outlet has ever reported a single word from the college newspaper

25 Dec 2009

President Obama called “monkey” in comments at Washington Post

I don't usually read the comments at the major online newspapers, because I find them to be too often mindless and I do not desire to engage in conversation there. However, today I strayed into the comments to an article about the President's vacation and found the following: So, I

21 Dec 2009

Markos Moulitsas’ Histrionics Draw Attention to His Sexuality, Military Record

  The Indictment of Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas ZÚÑIGAby Justice and History (Updated with Additional Information and Counts)   Over at The Truth About Kos Blog, the Site Meter has a near constant string of Google hits coming in after searches for, e.g. "markos moulitsas homosexual" and "kos gay."  The

05 Dec 2009

May Your Partner Touch and Massage Your Hair and Scalp?

Photo courtesy of Rippa. Cross-posted at the Francis L. Holland Blog. I've heard recently that Black women who pay dearly to have their hair chemically and/or mechanically straightened are in no mood to have partners “ruin” their hair by touching and playing with it. Is this true? If it is,

03 Dec 2009

The 2010 Census, Race, and Denigration

The US Constitution requires that a US Census be taken every ten years (including in 2010).  As we discussed here on 11/28/09, the counting of Americans based on their purported biological "race" could be a critical factor in 2010, since this will be the first US Census since the US

28 Nov 2009

Department of Energy Says Black Race Doesn’t Exist

  [UPDATE:]  Addressing Pam's question about “sociological race”, please see at the end of this article a proposed new vocabulary, to replace the anachronistic and biologically misleading vocabulary and terms that contain and are based upon the discredited biological hypothesis of “race”.  Much to the dismay of those of us

02 Nov 2009

Is “Race” More Important Than Skin Color?

Francis L. Holland Blog said…(at The Desultory Life of a Public Citizen blog), The biggest “struggle with race” is the struggle for Americans to acknowledge that “race” does not exist and it never did. The concept is just a mental redlining of our minds, the way whites' banks redlined “do

29 Oct 2009

A Response to Angry Black Woman Article on “Racism” * * *

In an article entitled “The Low Cost of Being Racist”, by Karnythia at the blog, “The Angry Black Woman: Race, Politics, Gender, Sexuality, Anger” blog points to a case in Taos, New Mexico as an example of “racism”. A white man bought a hotel in this mostly Latino town and