09 May 2010

A.G. Holder Lying on “Pakistani Taliban,” Legitimizing US/Pakistan War?

Cross-posted at the Francis L. Holland Blog. Attorney General Eric Holder says, “We’ve now developed evidence that shows the Pakistani Taliban was behind the [allegedly attempted Times Square truck bombing] attack.”  New York Times The Obama Administration would have us believe that Faisal Shahzad was unable to successfully bomb Times

13 Apr 2010

MAMZ, DailyKos Financially Supported Homosex-Addict Ex-Rep Eric Massa

Cross-posted at The Truth About Kos blog. The difference between being a homosexual and being a homosex-addict is playing itself out in the political ruin of ex-representative Eric Massa. The issue is also embarrassing one of his best-known whitosphere supporters, Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (known to many as “MAMZ,”

17 Feb 2010

Can Hair Straightening Chemicals Cause Constant Sneezing

In my Site Meter, I discovered that someone had searched in Google for an answer to the question, “Can white people chemically straighten their hair?” Many people whose skin color group would be considered “whites” in the United States, nonetheless have wavy, curly hair that may even suggest aspects of

04 Feb 2010

Braziil Also Considering Open Gay Participantion in Military

With the US Military moving to allow open participation of gays, Brazil is planning to make the move to, perhaps before the US does so. The Brazilian national media empire Globo.com.br reports that, as translated to English by the Francis L. Holland Blog: The Minister of Defense, Nelson Jobin, said

02 Feb 2010

Will Obama Effort to Repeal DADT Effect November’s Congressional Elections?

Now, that President Obama and Secretary of Defense Gates have announced their intention to repeal through regulatory changes and executive order such parts of DADT as they can without Congressional approval, now the real battle begins.Let's remember that President Bill Clinton took the same stand in 1993, but Democrats and

29 Jan 2010

1/2 Haiti <20 yrs, births +30%> compared with neighboring Dom. Rep.

I admit I didn't read the whole article at Rippa's The Intersection of Madness and Reality blog about a white guy in the United States saying that Haiti's poverty is Haiti's own fault, and explaining why he wouldn't give money to the Haitian relief effort. Most of his comments were

21 Jan 2010

The 50th Birthday of My Bi-Polar Older Brother, “Danny”

Today marks the 50th birthday of my bi-polar older brother “Dan,” who disappeared ca. 1990.  I was translating in Estelí, Nicaragua in 1985 when my mother called to tell me that my older brother was having serious troubles, although she could not (or would not) describe these troubles over the

14 Jan 2010

Can We, in all Good Conscience, Observe the Requirements of DADT?

The tendency toward the de jure discrimination of Jim Crow survives today in “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.” I acknowledge having too-quickly skimmed some of a diary about a heart-wrenching separation at the airport between secretly gay lovers, without picking up the “Don't Ask Don't Tell” issues that were the foremost

10 Jan 2010

NYDailyNews Misquotes US Census on “Blacks”

At least spelling”Negro” with a capital “N” on the 2010 US Census Form shows considerably more respect for Blacks than newspapers do everyday when they insistently spell “Black” with an inferior and lower-case “b”, while spelling other “ethnic” and nationality groups' names with initial capitals. The African American Political Pundit

09 Jan 2010

Twenty-Three Years Without Alcohol and Drugs

Cross-posted from the Francis L. Holland Blog. Since alcohol and drugs are currently destroying so many individuals and families, I figure it's worth mentioning that this season marks twenty-three years for me without the use of alcohol or non-prescription drugs. The reason is simple: I've seen literally dozens of people