15 Apr 2008

Clinton Surrogate: Obama Only Successful b/c He’s Black (WTF?!)

Above, Hillary Clinton embraces surrogate Bob Johnson’s color-aroused antagonism. BET founder Robert L. Johnson says that Obama’s only the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination because Obama is a Black man.  If it’s so easy for Black men, then why didn’t Bob Johnson run long ago?       The Charlotte

07 Apr 2008

Color Arousal Led to Underestimation of Obama’s Potential

2008 Democratic Convention Watch Earlier this year, some blogs as well as Clintons surrogates argued that Barack Obama would have a difficult time winning the presidential race simply because of his skin color.  However, the graphic above (full of actual facts) tells a different story.  Ten governors of US states

05 Apr 2008

Clinton Camp Says the News Looks Grim

Cross-posted at the Francis L. Holland blog and MyDD. The Clinton camp is acknowledging to supporters that the national news looks bad for the Clinton campaign.  In a mass e-mailing that I received from Hillary Clinton for President today, signed by Terry McAuliffe in his capacity as chairman of Clinton

24 Sep 2007

Scientists Discover the Key to Five Distinct Races of Human Eyeballs

Scientists working at the Renselauer Polytechnical Institute's Madison Ocular Laboratory have discovered that there are five separate races of human eyeballs:  the brown eyeball race, the green eyeball race, the blue eyeball race and the hazel eyeball race.  After many years of study to determine what the difference was between

22 Sep 2007

What Blacks Have Learned about the “Big Boys” Whitosphere Through Jena

When you're in the thick of battle and you look around for support, that's when you learn who your friends and enemies are.  In the days after we single-handedly organized 60,000 Blacks to march on Jena, but almost without any help from big white bloggers who ignored us, Black bloggers

21 Sep 2007

Why the “big white boys” of blogging don’t organize protests, but the AfroSpear does.

“The anti-war protests this year were completely useless.” — Markos C.A. Moulitsas Zuñiga,  May 19, 2006 Yesterday, in the context of the reporting on the “Free the Jena Six” march, a reporter from a national news outlet asked me, “Why has the Afrosphere has been able to mobilize 60,000 people