20 Apr 2013

BREAKING! Chechnya has OIL!

A lot of it, in fact. The Russian oil reserves are in the Caucus mountains! We just HAVE to invade them now! As George Tennet said, “it’s a slam dunk”! No wonder John McCain advocated sending troops there in 2008, decrying “human rights abuses” by Russia. No wonder Stalin and

22 Jan 2013

Greetings from Frozen Erie, Pa!

We set a 100 year record for most snowfall today! Went 1 mile to get grocceries, unbeknownst to me had slow leak in right front tire. Excaberated by the sub zero wind chill, made it 2 blocks before tire rolled off the rim. Spare was frozen to its fixture- won’t

22 Jan 2013

Help! Too Dumb for FDL! (or… What Makes FDL Different!)

I have been a member for a short while, and have posted an op only a few times. I have been forced to consider the reasons for this. It was too easy on some of those other sites. An entire op could be one or two sentences and there was

04 Sep 2012

Dharma and John Edwards – The Honeytrap

A while back, when the Edwards trial was grinding to its conclusion, I posted several articles around the web expressing my feeling that John Edwards was the only canidate in 2008 who even remotely represented the interests of the 99%. His theme of “Two Americas”, in my opinion, was the

30 Jul 2012

Chik-fil-gay Sammi!!! :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNq8r4S5jSk   For those who love the tase of Chik-fil-a, but hate the homophobia. I came upon this delightful clip after reading about the homophobic nuttery of Chik-fil-a’s CEO. The woman in the clip is destined , in my opinion, to become the next Rachel Ray. Chik-fil-a needs to be

08 Jun 2012

Judge Refuses to dismiss Bradley Manning charges

” FORT MEADE, Md. — A military judge refused on Thursday to dismiss the most serious charge against an Army private accused in the biggest leak of government secrets in U.S. history. Col. Denise Lind rejected a defense motion to throw out the charge of “aiding the enemy” during a

31 May 2012

A Salute to Jane Hamsher

You know, I normally consider myself to be fairly well informed and aware. Today I am forced to admit this is not the case. Today I just read a brief bio of my Firedog host, Jane Hamsher. During the 90’s, I was immersed in the study of Kung Fu, and

31 May 2012

John Edwards – Still Standing

It was the John Edwards trial that brought me to Firedoglake. I barely remembered Edwards campaign in ’08, I remembered that I liked what he was saying and that I likely would have voted for him in the primary had the scandal not brought him down. When news of the

30 May 2012

Bob Dylans “Medal of Freedom”

Just got the news Obama awarded Dylan the “Medal of Freedom”. Also heard Julian Assange lost his appeal against extradition, based largely on the fact as soon as he gets to Sweden, the U.S. will move heaven and earth to get their hands on him. How about it, Obama? Do

22 May 2012

John Edwards Mock Trial

Blogger Denny Lyon provides some interesting information that I don’t see on the M$M’s reports on the Edwards trial… “Where are the legal scholars in this nation willing to stand up and call this Kangaroo Court for what it is?  This is a political vendetta of the worst proportions.  Quit