27 Sep 2009

Primordial Grooves: WTF?

A playlist reflecting our modern times in September 2009.

26 Sep 2009

On the Intersection of Art & Commerce

An editorial on what it means to define success in the modern music business.

06 Sep 2009

Primordial Grooves: Labor of Love

A Labor Day Weekend playlist for your enjoyment!

30 Aug 2009

Primordial Grooves: Goodbye Senator Kennedy

Growing up in a family of Irish descent in America, my entire family revered the Kennedys as the true cultural icons they became/are. In a sense, the achievements of the Kennedy family have been the culmination of the achievements of all Irish in America and when we lose a Kennedy it hurts us all.

29 Aug 2009

Riders: Not the Norm Pt 2

Last week we took a look at a couple of riders from the Foo Fighters and Van Halen’s infamous 1982 contract rider which dictated no brown M&M’s should be served to the band backstage. This week we will take a look at a few more riders that have become famous in their own right, starting with the Iggy Pop rider which inspired the boys from Foo Fighters to make their riders.

23 Aug 2009

Primordial Grooves: Heated Headlines

It’s been a stormy week all over and the headlines have been too. Where does one begin? I suppose it begins and ends with the health care debate as it has for several weeks now. August is always hot and this month has seen some heated discussions taking place at town halls across America. Nevermind they’re being astroturfed by the Republicans who brought you the Brooks Brothers Riots in 2000, we got us a STORY says the MSM. In honor of the steely spined Democrats standing up for real reform with a public option, I present you the great song “No Compromise” by Paul Oakenfold.

22 Aug 2009

Riders: Not the Norm Pt.1

A contract rider is a stipulation in a contract for the performance that dictates a variety of technical requirements, stage design, lighting and audio equipment specs and a wish list of items that the artists are requesting. This is where it always gets interesting.

16 Aug 2009

Primordial Grooves: Acting Up, Acting Out

This week we have a playlist ripped from recent headlines. First up we have a little known Van Halen gem entitled Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now). This song is in honor of the last minute addition of former President Bill Clinton as keynote speaker at Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh Thursday night.

15 Aug 2009

CD or Not CD: The Ultimate Question For Any Recording Artist

Many of the young artists of today are faced with a new dilemma. That dilemma is to make a CD or not make a CD version of their project available to their audience. It is fast becoming fashionable for new artists to completely fore go production of the little plastic discs in favor of digital distribution only.

09 Aug 2009

Primordial Grooves: A Primer for the Modern Age

A playlist featuring music that has had wide influence on the modern music industry.