22 Mar 2012

Ryan Barely Passes Budget Through Committee; Club for Growth Opposes

Paul Ryan sped into action with his 2013 budget resolution. After releasing it on a Tuesday, he put it up for a vote in the Budget Committee on a Wednesday. This should have been immediately unacceptable to the other 37 members of the Budget Committee who allegedly have a function in crafting the budget. But they allowed the vote nonetheless. What’s surprising is that it only passed by one vote.

25 Oct 2011

Republicans Combine Two of Their Obama-Endorsed Ideas Into “Even Obama Supported” GOP Bill

The House GOP’s next trick. Their plan is to find the two worst parts of the President’s jobs bill and deficit plan, and combine them for a package that sounds almost comically silly, but that gives them the talking point that the President supported the component parts

19 Mar 2007

“No Crime was Committed” Argued Victoria Toensing – As the Lawyer for Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN

Nowhere in the coverage of Victoria Toensing’s testimony before Congress, where she echoed the same old defamatory smears against the Wilsons, could I find any mention that Toensing had argued  substantially the same points two years earlier – as a lawyer representing Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, and