11 Mar 2010

Dennis Kucinich Responds to Attacks from Kos of DailyKos

Dennis Kucinich recently responded to attacks on him from the Mad Greek (Kos).

08 Mar 2010

Line-by-Line analysis of Obama’s Pa. Healthcare Speech: He Lies Repeatedly!

This is a line-by-line analysis of President Obama’s healthcare speech in Pennsylvania.

06 Mar 2010

Michael Moore Challenges Obama: Replace Rahm with Moore: Why It Won’t Work & What Michael Misses!

Michael Moore has a witty, eloquent column up over at the Huffington Post in which he challenges Barack Obama to replace Rahm Emanuel with Michael Moore. It’s a funny post and digs both Obama and Rahm. But at its base there is a misperception by Moore: Obama isn’t hostage to the right, hostage to Rahm, he’s a willing partner.

05 Mar 2010

Historian Stanley Kutler Nails the Obama Presidency

Historian Stanley Kutler is best known for his role with the Nixon Presidency and Nixon’s infamous tapes. But in a recent column, the Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, nails the Obama Presidency.

04 Mar 2010

POLITICAL SUICIDE: Senate (including 12 Dems) Nixes $250 Payout to Elderly

The Senate voted against a Bernie Sanders sponsored bill to provide $250 payouts to the elderly, the disabled and veterans.

27 Feb 2010

Obama Signs One Year Extension of PATRIOT Act (which he used to oppose)

President Obama just signed a one year extension of the Patriot Act. As a Senator, he had criticized the Patriot Act.

20 Feb 2010

Governments Worldwide Assail Elderly and Attempt to Cut Their Benefits

Many governments in the West which provide benefits to the elderly are attempting to cut them in “reform” measures.

23 Jan 2010

William Jennings Obama: Faux Populist Backs Ben Bernanke

Despite sounding like William Jennings Bryan briefly in Ohio, Williams Jenning Obama backs Ben Bernanke.

22 Jan 2010

Faux Populist President Needs to Shake Up His Administration: Fire Geithner & Summers

While Obama is campaigning in Ohio today as a faux populist, a real populist would fire Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers.

21 Jan 2010

Biggest Winners & Losers Following The Massachusetts Vote

Who are the big winners and losers following the Senate vote in Mass.?