21 Apr 2010

With The Obama Administration Infested with Goldman Sachs People, How Real is the Obama/Democratic Attack on Big Banks?

The Obama administration is infested with people with ties to Goldman Sachs and Goldman was Obama’s biggest campaign contributor in 2008 and as a senator. So how real is the Obama/Democratic party’s supposed new toughness on big banks?

17 Apr 2010

Thai Leader Swept into Power by Military Coup Calls his Opponents “Terrorists”

Thai Prime Minister, Aphisit, who was installed by the military after a coup d’etat, has called his political opponents “terrorists” while authorizing the military to use force against them.

08 Apr 2010

Arlen Specter Still Thinking & Acting Like a Republican

Arlen Specter still thinks and acts like a Republican. At a Pennsylvania State University event, Specter said, I’m proud to have been endorsed by the College Republicans.” Actually, he was wrong on two counts: first, it was the College Democrats and secondly, they did not endorse him.

24 Mar 2010

NEED YOUR HELP: Please Join Me In Writing a Letter of Protest to the New York Times

Join me in writing a letter of protest to the New York Times.

23 Mar 2010

New York Times Beats Drum for Social Security “Reform” (Meaning Cuts, Age Increases)

It’s already happened. One of the mainstays of the status quo is calling for “social security reform”. The New York Times in a front page article says social security “reform” is the “next big issue” and that Social Security is “the likeliest source of the sort of large savings needed to bring projected annual deficits to sustainable levels”.

21 Mar 2010

The Last Democratic Hurrah?

The House has passed ObamaCare with applause and clapping. But it will be the last Democratic hurrah for decades. The bill dooms the party come November and will dog them for many elections thereafter.

19 Mar 2010

Democrats & Republicans Really Are Interchangeable As News Out of New York Shows

Gore Vidal wrote long ago that the Democrats and the Republicans are just different wings of the Corporate Party that rules America. While some of us may have suspected this all along news from New York confirms that Democrats really are interchangeable with Republicans.

18 Mar 2010

Kucinich Mistakenly Buys Into Defending the Obama Presidency

There’s a fascinating interview with Dennis Kucinich (and Ralph Nader) up over at Democracynow.org Reading the entire transcript of it, shows the key reason why Kucinich flipped his vote to support the White House’s “insurance reform” bill.

17 Mar 2010

Make the Democrats Pay for Their Sell-out to Corporate Interests

With Dennis Kucinich’s stunning announcement that he will now support “health insurance” reform, the bill is now completely on the Democratic Party. Obama, their leader, sold the people out years ago to Goldman Sachs. Now Americans should make the Democrats pay for their actions.

14 Mar 2010

Nate Silver Hit Job on Dennis Kucinich

Nate Silver has a hit job column up on Dennis Kucinich.