14 Oct 2009

UN Chief backs Goldstone report on Israel/Hamas war crimes

At the UN Security Council meeting today, a spokesperson for Ban Ki-moon supported a key provision of the Goldstone report on possible war crimes by both sides in the 2008-2009 Gaza war.

13 Oct 2009

Israel’s Gaza war crimes at 10/14 UN Security Council

War crimes by Israel and Hamas during the 2008-2009 Gaza invasion will be on Wednesday’s UN Security Council agenda. Will Obama veto the Goldstone report recommendation that both sides be investigated?

08 Oct 2009

Code Pink: War Builds Strong Nations

This diary digs into the how did it happen of CODE PINK TURNS PRO WAR. Basically, the ever-so-susceptible Code Pink bosses got played by the war PR machine. First of all, they never left Kabul . . .

07 Oct 2009

Hostile occupations, Afghanistan and Chicago

In Afghanistan and the poor urban neighborhoods of Chicago, the challenges and dilemmas are similar. The solutions are radically different: we need to leave Afghanistan and make peace with and respectfully make use of a potentially great police resource, the working class and poor people of violence-ridden neighborhoods.

04 Oct 2009

Greenwald Wrong; Major Victory for Iran

Greenwald’s analysis is obviously wrong. U.S. negotiations ended in a major victory for Iran. It conceded nothing or virtually nothing.