12 Jan 2011

Don’t Blame the Tea Party (at Least Not for This…)

As politicians of both parties fall all over themselves denying blame for the shooting of Congresswomen Giffords and decrying the toxic political environment, one denial rings louder than any other. From Tea Party leader Sarah Palin’s insistent “I hate violence” to Tea Party cheerleader Glenn Beck’s “peace is always the

22 Apr 2010

For Good Financial Reform, We Need More Chum

Erica Payne invites you to come chum hunting to help restore the integrity of our financial markets and lay the foundation for economic recovery.

05 Feb 2010

F- U –

F-U (more formally known as “Financial Services University”) is a two-day event at the Rayburn office building sponsored by the Financial Services Roundtable for (according to them) “new staffers and staffers who have recently added financial service issues to their portfolio, as well as, the seasoned staffer and who wants to learn more about the major areas of importance impacting our nation and economy.”

James Smith, chairman and CEO of Webster Bank, joined the fun because (in his words) the student/staffers are “involved in actually writing the legislation that will affect our futures.”

In other words, “Hey America – F-U.”