04 Feb 2012

Occupy DC — police raid early this morning

Watch the livestream http://www.ustream.tv/occupydc

10 Aug 2011

If nothing else, let’s at least call out the lies

Blatant lies can paralyze.   Maybe because they are so embarrassing, maybe because they insult our  intelligence so much that we know if we face them, we may well explode.    Today I exploded.    I’m not the kind of person to get much right-wing propoganda, but every once in a while someone tries

21 Jun 2011

OFA —- organizing for abuse?

In response to Jane’s “What Do You Do When the President Is Just Not Into You?”  and reading the comments especially about the dreadful OFA, I posted a typical ask-yourself-if-you’re-in-an-abusive-relationship quiz.    Someone suggested a diary, and I got busy refining the questions.   For the word partner, substitute President, Senator, Democratic