02 Feb 2010

Lancet: Withdrawing Autism-Vaccine Link

A controversial paper linking autism and a childhood vaccine has been formally withdrawn by the British medical journal Lancet as of Tuesday 2 February 2010, as reported by Reuters via Kate Kelland of the Washington Post: The Lancet medical journal formally retracted a paper Tuesday that caused a 12-year international

14 Jan 2010

The Nicole Sandler Show with Teddy Partridge – Jan 13

Firedoglake liveblogger Teddy Partridge interview on The Nicole Sandler Show, January 13, 2010 NS – This week there’s been a lot going on, but one of the stories that I have not seen a lot of coverage on is the Prop 8 trial that’s happening out in California. I think

01 Jan 2010

For Auld Lang Syne

For Katymine, for Kobe, for all our beloved ones.

31 Dec 2009

For Auld Lang Syne – Scottish Version

A very Scottish, longing version of Auld Lang Syne, which means Old Long Since, a remembrance of those who hae gone before us. We’ll take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne. For Katymine, Kobe, and all other beloveds.

24 Dec 2009

O Hear the Angel Voices

Wishing you all the most precious gifts, the gifts no money can buy: Joy in the moment A friend to listen Someone to hold your hand Courage and endurance for the rough times Peace in your heart ******* Josh Groban singing at the tree lighting ceremony, Rockfeller Center, 4 December

17 Oct 2009

Pull Up A Chair: Rainy Day

“Into every life, a little rain must fall” Good morning pups, I hope you are in a nice dry place waiting for these heavy rains to pass! Wasn’t it just summer? The dour Scottish part of me rather likes these days, an opportunity to be indoors, if we’re fortunate enough

24 Sep 2009

Health Care – “We’re #37!”

Paul Hipp’s genius:

18 Sep 2009

Hamsher on Maddow: Dear Arkansas Dems – Support Public Option or Be Primaried

Fearless leader Jane Hamsher appeared on the Rachel Maddow show tonight to discuss our challenge to Arkansas Democrats in Congress: support what Arkansas constituents want, or get challenged in the next primary.

A majority of voters, and a large majority of Arkansas Democrats, support a public plan. Yet their representatives, including Mike Ross and Blanche Lincoln, seem more interested in their corporate donors than the folks they represent.