14 Feb 2013

Is the End Near for the Washington R-word? II

This is an update to last Saturday’s entry on the Washington NFL team’s name. First, for the benefit of people who left the thread before the last comment was entered on Monday, as I note there the Washington Post selected five letters to the editor to publish that day on

12 Feb 2013

Washington Post Op-Eds: Popery, the AIDS SOTU, CIA capability, and Steven Chu

Given that my last piece about WaPo scored fourth place in a Google search of its subject matter the day after I posted it (details @ comment 10 here), why not try again? To emulate Marion in Savannah’s daily NYT Op-Ed report somewhat — I’ll skip the breakfast rundown —

10 Feb 2013

Drones and the Myth of WaPo’s “5 Myths”

Every Sunday the Washington Post recruits a purported expert on some subject to write a column entitled “5 Myths about [the subject],” which is printed on page 2 of the “Outlook” Section. This expert gives an introductory paragraph and then lists the five, with a rebuttal of each. As it

09 Feb 2013

Is the End Near for the Washington R-word?

Washington, D.C.’s NFL team is named with a racial slur against Native Americans: you know, the one from the old John Wayne westerns where people say things like “the only good Injun is a dead Injun.” The name has long been controversial, but the team and fans alike have resisted

07 Feb 2013

How Should Progressives Respond to the Destruction of Artifacts in Muslim Lands?

Yesterday, by coincidence the same day as the assassination of a leftist opposition leader in Tunisia, the following email about other violence in that country was forwarded to me by a European classics colleague. The author, Philipp von Rummel of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome, says this (in my

03 Feb 2013

Will Washington, DC finally get its White Mayor?

Tommy Wells, who is the DC council member representing the ward that includes Capitol Hill, who is most known for his slogan calling for “a liveable, walkable city,” and who is white, is said to be considering a run for mayor when the term of the incumbent Vincent Gray is

25 Jan 2013

The Washington Post can’t deal with Ray Lewis

Something went down at a party one night in Atlanta 13 years ago, resulting in two people  dead of knife wounds and Baltimore Ravens all-pro linebacker Ray Lewis and two companions charged with their murder.  The case against them fell apart, with the companions acquitted at trial and the prosecution

18 Jan 2013

Senator Simpson and the teats

Recently the 2010 comment by Sen Alan Simpson (R-Wyoming) comparing Social Security to a very well endowed cow has been in the news again (e.g., in HuffPo; sorry I don’t seem to be able to manage a link to it).  In response I can do no better than reproduce a