26 Mar 2013

WaPo Liberal Admits: I Need the Republicans

You may have noticed that there has been some soul-searching lately within the Republican Party (one take; another; another). That’s understandable since they lost the November election. But why do Democrats (such as MSNBC hosts) also talk a lot about what the Republicans should do to be more relevant? Honorary

24 Mar 2013

The Two-State Solution is Dead; Long Live the Two-State Solution

This diary is a preliminary attempt to specify a general conviction of mine that the way forward in the Middle and North Africa region (MENA) is through cooperation between the “democratic” secular movements and the Moderate Islamist movements (Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Tunisia’s Ennahda Party, and Hamas in occupied Palestine), and

21 Mar 2013

Bill Against Racist Washington R-Word Introduced in Congress

After the U. S. Patent Office’s Trial and Appeal Board heard a trademark challenge just two weeks ago, yesterday H.R. 1278, the “Non-Disparagement of Native American Persons or Peoples in Trademark Registration Act of 2013,” was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. In practice it would cancel the federal

19 Mar 2013

On Tenth Anniversary of Iraq Disaster WaPo Op-Ed Wants More Foreign Intervention

Actually, two Washington Post Op-Eds. Yet we can dispense with one as not worthy of attention: one columnist continues his self-contradictory campaign of earlier pieces to arm the “moderates” among the rebels in the particular case of Syria in order to keep that conflict from getting even worse. (The rest

17 Mar 2013

The Iraq Anniversary and the Washington Post

Maybe the Washington Post has discovered that Firedoglake is on its case about the “5 myths” feature, after four articles (the most recent here) have pointed out that the series itself has a mythic quality. I say that because today’s entry, “Five myths about Iraq,” shows a marked development in

15 Mar 2013

Is the University of Virginia Really Out of the Woods? III The AAUP Speaks; the Faculty Senate Listens

In two previous posts (here and here) I treated recent ramifications of the events last summer where the Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia was steered by Rector Helen Dragas into forcing the resignation of the University’s President Teresa Sullivan, and was then compelled to reinstate her after

12 Mar 2013

A Medal for Drone Killers? Fine, Say Critics; Just Don’t Rank It Too High

In one of his final actions, last month outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta instituted a new award that troops can earn, called the Distinguished Warfare Medal. (Warfare. Not “Peacefare” or “Defense” or some such euphemism. Panetta is not a man to mince words.) It’s formal criterion is that the

10 Mar 2013

AIDS and the Myth of WaPo’s “5 Myths”

The Washington Post’s weekly “5 myths” series is nothing if not wide-ranging. Recent subjects have included drone warfare, choosing the pope, and the currently active “sequester.” Of course that’s because the series is based on the topic of the moment in the public’s mind — or in the mind of

08 Mar 2013

Trademark Board hears Racist Washington R-Word

As I’ve noted in previous posts (here, updated here and here), lately sentiment has increased in Washington, DC, to change the racist name of its NFL team, as something that reflects badly on the nation’s capital. The team’s own arguments for keeping the name have certainly been refuted. However, it

05 Mar 2013

Washington Post Op-Eds: Koop, Coolers, Corruption, Consternation

I knew I would have to write this piece as soon as I saw in one of the WaPo columns that its author composed it while listening to Bach — I presume on a CD or downloaded — in the comfort of his home. What a coincidence, since I had