17 Apr 2013

Washington, DC City Council Race Clarifies

There are six days to go before the April 23 special election to fill an at-large seat on the City Council of Washington, DC, a city situated between the entities called Maryland and Virginia which you just may have heard of, as it is the capital of the most powerful

15 Apr 2013

Korea: MSM Disappointed as DPRK Observes Holiday

Well, April 15 of Juche 102 (2013), the 101st birthday of Kim Il-Sung, has come and gone in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and guess what? There was no missile test. How is that possible, you ask, after the mainstream media speculated for days that that momentous occasion was

13 Apr 2013

What Does the TPP Mean for the World as a Whole? Can It Contain China?

I am a classics scholar and former physicist (and of late, aspiring political blogger), not an economist. I will readily cede hosting the comments thread below to anyone who is more qualified. But someone has to make a start at understanding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP, on which the current wiki

10 Apr 2013

Korea: What Will China Do?

You might think that China was about to throw the DPRK under the bus, given widespread media reports the other day that President Xi Jinping gave a speech where he alluded to it as increasing tensions in the region (for example, Reuters). But thanks to a careful study of the

07 Apr 2013

Korea: US Cancels Irrelevant ICBM Test But Maintains Provocative “Defense”

In an earlier post on Korea and in the comments thereto, it was pointed out that recent US actions such as sending an anti-missile system to Guam were probably being viewed by the DPRK leadership as consolidating a US first-strike capability, notwithstanding the MSM narrative that they were defensive in

04 Apr 2013

Korea: What’s Happening?

The diary I posted three days ago, nominally about the views of four neocons on U.S. nuclear weapons, had comments totaling 45 as of last night, largely because the comments thread had morphed into a discussion of the ongoing Korean crisis. It seems desirable to continue that discussion in a

01 Apr 2013

Neocons Tell Obama: Keep the Nukes

At first I missed it because it was on the “Sunday Opinion Page” instead of opposite the Editorial page, but yesterday a quartet of self-described “professionals with extensive experience in national security and defense policy” got together to write an essay in the Washington Post entitled “Obama’s ‘nuclear zero’ rhetoric

31 Mar 2013

Stress and WaPo’s “5 Myths”

Normally the Washington Post’s Sunday “5 myths” article is highly topical. Thus last week “Five myths about a government shutdown” had been ready to go several days in advance, in anticipation of Congress not being able to reach a deal so as to avoid a shutdown on March 27. Trouble

30 Mar 2013

Fire the Fire Chief? Welcome to Washington

As of last fall I’ve lived in the Washington area fifty years, a bit less than half of them in the Maryland suburbs, then a bit more “in the District,” as we say here. I can attest that the capital city of the most powerful nation in the history of

27 Mar 2013

Whither Egypt?

For anyone who would like to see the arguably most important Arab country and the home of a civilization extending back some 5000 years once again rise to cultural prominence, or even to a modest progressive force in its region, recent events in the Arab Republic of Egypt (jumh?riyyat ma?r