28 Jun 2013

Glenn Greenwald Addresses the Socialism 2013 Conference Friday: “Courage is Contagious”

While Greenwald was giving the speech, it was being live streamed.  I was hosting an early evening party, and was only able to break away as the party broke up, to try to catch the live stream. The node was swamped, and I couldn’t get anything. But somebody made a

24 Jun 2013

I Call the White House Regarding the Edward Snowden “We the People” Petition

On June 9th, someone started a petition at the White House niche, We the People, requesting the President address Edward Snowden’s legal status: WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Pardon Edward Snowden Edward Snowden is a national hero and should be immediately issued a a full, free, and absolute pardon

23 Jun 2013

As Edward Snowden Wings to Moscow (and Beyond?) American Hubris, Criminality and Arrogance Are Challenged on Several Fronts – Updated

Update – 3:20 am fdl time: Pepe Escobar on RT TV this morning: On Saturday, an arrogant White House, perturbed that Hong Kong seemed to be taking its time in responding to an extradition request for Edward Snowden, was quoted by CBS News: If Hong Kong doesn’t act soon, it will

05 Jun 2013

John Kerry Addresses the American Jewish Community Global Forum on Middle East Peace Prospects

Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the annual American Jewish Community Global Forum on Monday, June 3rd.  He focused on the limited time he believes the Palestinians and Israelis have to come up with a workable “two-state solution.” So I want to ask you this: Whenever you think about this

25 May 2013

Saturday Art: Le Sacre du Printemps Turns 100

What may be the single most influential musical composition of all time, Russian composer Igor Stravinsky’s le Sacre du Printemps, premiered in Paris on May 29th, 1913.  The music, and its starkly iconoclastic ballet choreography by Vaslav Nijinsky so jarred many audience members, it produced an unprecedented demonstration, considered by

24 May 2013

My Petition for Obama to Invite Medea Benjamin to the White House for a Beer

I just submitted this petition to the White House niche, We the People: We petition the Obama Administration to Invite Medea Benjamin to the White House for a beer. On May 23, 2013, President Obama gave an important address at the National Defense University. Near the end, indefatigable peace activist,

12 May 2013

The Denigration of Stephen Hawking Reveals the Intense Dishonesty of Current Zionism

Early last week, when it came out that British physicist Stephen Hawking had decided to not attend a late-spring conference in Jerusalem, he went quickly from being a cult hero in the Israeli high tech sphere to pariah.  Although he has been to Israel several times in the past –

08 May 2013

The Weirdness of Zionist Reaction to Stephen Hawking Supporting Global BDS

Last Friday, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking wrote to the organizers of an upcoming conference in Jerusalem, telling them he was backing out of a commitment to participate, in solidarity with Palestinian academics who had asked him to reconsider attending.  Here is part of his letter: I have received a number

06 May 2013

The Only Occupied European Country to Save Its Jews from the Nazis Recognizes Palestine – Google It!

I.  On April 9, 1940, the German military invaded Denmark and Norway.  Denmark, a small country with an even smaller military, ended open resistance within a few hours.  Norway openly resisted until late May.  The Norwegian government relocated to London.  The Danes stayed. Denmark was able to retain many of

06 Apr 2013

Saturday Art: The Joys of Watching Young People Mature as Musicians

No musician matures by herself, or by himself.  From the beginnings, child musicians search for ways to express themselves from their own hearts and minds.  Even if drawn toward music from within, they usually seek to emulate someone older, though.  Eventually, they gain craft and intricate skills through guidance from