19 Oct 2013

Saturday Art: Edward Snowden’s New Gig in Russia?

This news item from The Voice of Russia late this week may be misleading: Former CIA contractor Edward Snowden is planning to take a job in Russia in the near future, lawyer and head of a Public Chamber commission Anatoly Kucherena said on Thursday. He did not specify the field

04 Oct 2013

Max Blumenthal Begins Book Tour With Democracy Now! Appearance

  Author and journalist Max Blumenthal’s second book came out on October 1. Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel recounts Blumenthal’s four-year quest to fully cover, document and chronicle Israel’s inexorable tilt to a country so far to the right, so authoritarian, so overtly racist, so defiant of international standards,

22 Sep 2013

Israel Threatens to Ban French Diplomat Who Reacted to Armed Thugs

Last Friday an incident occurred at the site of the Bedouin village of Khirbet Al-Makhul, in the occupied West Bank area of Palestine. In violation of Geneva Convention protocols for conduct by occupying forces, an Israeli court ruled early last week that the village should be demolished, as nobody living there

05 Sep 2013

All Things Considered Promotes Baldfaced Lie About New Iranian Foreign Minister

When I first heard this story start on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, I thought it was fair to incoming Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’, regarding his “Happy New Year!” tweet to the global Jewish community. Here is what the foreign minister initially tweeted: Happy Rosh Hashanah Happy Rosh

22 Aug 2013

My Gatwick Detention Under the UK’s Section 7 of TA 2000

On Guy Fawkes Day, 2005, I was politely approached by three un-uniformed members of the British secret service. One asked me if he could ask questions regarding my two-week-plus stay in London. My wife and I had checked in, checked our baggage, and were headed on a restaurant hunt in

18 Jul 2013

Obama to Join Pussy Riot on Moscow Stage in Snub to Putin

If only. However, the Obama administration is in a dilemma over what to do about the scheduled September Moscow meeting between the leaders of the United States and Russia: The White House is deliberately leaving it vague as to whether President Barack Obama will attend talks in Moscow with Russian

06 Jul 2013

Saturday Art: El Sistema and Venezuela’s Artistic and Educational Renaissance

Venezuela, the country that opened its door yesterday (Friday, July 5th) to American whistleblower and fugitive, Edward Snowden, possesses what many regard as the finest musical education infrastructure in the world.  More than any other aspect of Venezuela’s international goodwill gestures, young musicians participating in what has become known as

05 Jul 2013

Breaking: Venezuela’s President Offers Edward Snowden Political Asylum

RT News and other – mostly Latin American – sources are reporting that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has offered Edward Snowden political asylum in his country.  Reuters now has a story up in English: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Friday he had decided to offer asylum to former U.S. intelligence contractor

02 Jul 2013

From the Shootdown of Iran Air Flight 655 to the Aerial Interdiction of President Evo Morales – 25 Years

As Bolivian President Evo Morales sits marooned in a Vienna airport on the dawn of July 3rd, 2013, having possibly avoided aerial interception over the Atlantic Ocean by U.S. fighters or missiles, it might be fitting to think about the fate of Iran Ar Flight 655, 25 years ago today (emphases

29 Jun 2013

The Sunday June 30th Cairo Demonstrations – Live Blog

I’m beginning an attempt at a live blog here of Sunday’s demonstrations in Egypt in protest of government and administration policies. There have been rumors and articles predicting a severe clampdown on social media output from the country. Here’s the most recent Reuters synopsis: CAIRO (Reuters) – Rival protesters in