14 Dec 2008

Is Sarah Palin’s Response to the Wasilla Bible Church Fire Self-serving?

The Wasilla Alaska church most often attended by Alaska Governor Sarah Palin since 2002, was the target of suspected arson last Friday night. The governor visited the church after the fire was controlled, and made a statement.

13 Dec 2008

Prep Material for Riki Ott and the Not One Drop Sunday FDL Book Salon

I’ve posted a series of links to background material for Dr. Riki Ott’s Sunday firedoglake Book Salon appearance, where she will discuss her new book, Not One Drop: Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez.

03 Dec 2008

Troopergate Target Walt Monegan Refuses to Rule Out Running Against Palin

Former Anchorage Police Chief and Alaska Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, speaking Wednesday afternoon in Anchorage, to a group of journalism students, UAA faculty, and community members, refused, when asked whether he might consider running for governor of Alaska, to rule it out.

26 Nov 2008

Why is Saxby Chambliss Gambling Everything on a Sarah Palin ‘Closer”?

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the most polarizing figure in recent American politics, will be at a Sunday evening fundraiser, and four big Monday rallies for the closing day of Saxby Chamliss’ narrowing U.S. Senate race. Is she there to throw red meat to “morans,” or is she there to muck things up?

24 Nov 2008

Alaskans For Truth is Now a Political Action Committee!

A group of Alaska progressive bloggers have formed new political action to push our legislators and others to continue to strive toward ethics reform this coming legislative session, with a concentration on implementing recommendations of the Branchflower Report, and other important ethics issues.

19 Nov 2008

Alaska Poker Players Unimpressed by Palin Fey Speech

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s Appearance Wednesday, before a business group she needs to win over to become a national figure didn’t go well for her.

18 Nov 2008

Mark Begich Gives Ted Stevens an 85th Birthday Present – Assured Retirement

With about 60% of today’s Alaska votes counted, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich has more than doubled his lead over convicted felon for life, Senator Ted Stevens.

18 Nov 2008

What Can We Title Sarah Palin’s Book?

What do we do in Wasilla, Alaska, when it gets to 5 below zero F? We come up with names for Sarah Palin’s alleged book….