14 Sep 2008

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Thurston Clarke: The Last Campaign

I’m pleased to “host” this discussion of Thurston Clarke’s excellent and moving book. I was of course involved in Robert Kennedy’s 1968 campaign and so I have some first-hand knowledge of the subject. Mr. Clarke has done meticulous research and has, I think, captured the feeling of the time, the dynamic of the campaign, and, most important, the complexity of the man. So if I may, I would begin by recommending, strongly and enthusiastically, that anyone reading this who hasn’t read the book do so.

05 May 2008

First Monday: SCOTUS, The Rule Of Law, And Judging Character

This chat was billed by my friends at the Alliance for Justice as an analysis of Justice Scalia’s recent public commentary, along with some comments about the balance of the current Supreme Court. I’m more interested in the latter than I am in talking about Justice Scalia in particular, and I’m especially interested in a conversation about what we can do to avert further deterioration in the direction the Court