18 Apr 2010

My Experience as a Unique Tea Partier This Year

While many of the tea partiers who I have met and debated with were angry about Obama and taxes, I was doing my best to talk about real issues and the Constitution itself.

17 Apr 2010

Thank You President Obama. Thanks For Nothing

President Obama attacked us tea partiers by saying we should thank him for the tax cuts he has promised. However, I will give different reasons why he should get thanks for different reasons

16 Apr 2010

The Aftermath of the Tea Parties

Well, it’s the morning after the Tea Party and here is what I saw and heard.

15 Apr 2010

The Real Tea Partiers

Since today is Tax Day, may I remind everyone that not all the tea partiers are neocons or sheep.

14 Apr 2010

The Palin Delusion

As a libertarian, it is hard to determine who Palin really is and what she is trying to accomplish.

13 Apr 2010

Republicans Are Delusional If They Think They’ll Take Back Congress

Let me reiterate on this point, I belong to the Libertarian Party and I am speaking only as a Libertarian not a cheerleader to the GOP.

12 Apr 2010

Hey GOP, Tax Cuts are Socialism

No need to explain here, the title tells the whole story.

11 Apr 2010

Ron Paul agrees with me: Obama is a Corporatist

During the SRLC conference, Congressman Paul said what I have been saying for a year which is Obama is not a socialist at all.

10 Apr 2010

Bipartisanship is Deadly

Bipartisanship is bad if what they advocate for destroys our constitution and our liberties.

09 Apr 2010

Principle Over Party is a Must!

The two party system is not designed to solve problems, only principled leaders can truly advance the nation to liberty.