27 Apr 2010

Ending the Myth That Obama is a Socialist

In my last post where I made the argument that Obama is a corporatist, not a socialist, I will now dispel the myth once and for all that he is a socialist.

26 Apr 2010

Ron Paul: They are Warmongering Like it’s 2002

This is a video of Ron Paul attacking neocons and neoliberals for supporting sanctions against Iran. If I didn’t know any better, this is similar to his speech against going to war in Iraq.

25 Apr 2010

The Silver Lining after the Passage of SB 1070

After being attacked by my conservative and some of my libertarian friends for opposing SB 1070, I want to give them a reason why to oppose it and give my friends who oppose the bill reason to fight for real immigration reform.

24 Apr 2010

Making Social Conservatism Extinct

As a social libertarian, I oppose the federal government dictating social values on the populace and instead support personal responsibility.

23 Apr 2010

SB 1070 Signed into Law: Victory for The Police State

As a libertarian, I oppose the use of police to stop everyone and anyone just because they might be suspected of being here illegally. This is now reality because the law has been signed.

23 Apr 2010

Michael Steele Admits The Obvious

While the GOP has denied the fact that they have been using the “southern strategy” Michael Steele has finally admitted what many of us have known about them: they are race-baiters.

22 Apr 2010

Stop Making Immigrants Scapegoats

While I oppose illegal immigration for obvious reasons, I do not condone anyone making them scapegoats as to blame them for the problems we face.

21 Apr 2010

Legalize Marijuana, But Don’t Tax It

The Tax Cannibis 2010 proposition may legalize marijuana, but is another power grab for the government. I do not support legalizing it for the sake of control, I support legalizing it to let people decide their own fate.

20 Apr 2010

We Should Still Not Trust Government!

Despite the gains the Democrats made on healthcare and Obama’s insistence that he cut taxes, the past indicates that government has decieved the public and will continue to do so.

19 Apr 2010

Anatomy of a Neocon

For those unfamiliar with neoconservatives and what they stand for, here is a helpful guide for future reference.