06 Oct 2010

Message to Christine O’Donnell: It’s Okay to Be a Witch

I have noticed many Democrats and progressives as well as the neocons attack O’Donnell for her ridiculous beliefs regarding witchcraft, masturbation, sex, and clowns. I really don’t care about her views on these irrelevant issues, but we must always be concerned if she uses the government to impose her views on everyone.

23 May 2010

The Left Using The Same Playbook As The Right

This is an honest assessment of how both sides have used the same playbook to attack libertarians, and this is me exposing them.

20 May 2010

Why Rand Paul is Right and Everyone Else is Wrong

Ever since the blogs and the corporate media tried to make Rand Paul as a racist seem to forget the facts as well as putting their own emotions back.

04 May 2010

SB 1070 and Our Police State

Lost in this heated debate about Arizona’s draconian law SB 1070, there is a truth that either people forget or refuse to address.

03 May 2010

My Version of the Contract From America

The Tea Parties unveiled their Contract From America, now it’s my turn to show you all my contract.

02 May 2010

How to Verbally Defeat Neocon Tea Partiers

This is a how to guide that shows you tricks to outsmart the neocon Tea Partiers once and for all.

01 May 2010

The Truth About Glenn Beck

Everyone who praises or attacks Glenn Beck don’t understand who he really is; a fraud and a phony placed on television to discredit libertarians and constitutionalists alike.

30 Apr 2010

In Defense of My Position against SB 1070

I have been attacked by some of my libertarian friends and most of my conservative friends. In this post, I will defend myself and set the record straight.

29 Apr 2010

And Ode to Neocons

I love to write freestyle poetry when I get the chance and I feel that I should give a dedication to my most favorite people in the world.

28 Apr 2010

Tea Parties and Censorship

The neocon tea partiers claim they stand for freedom and individual liberty, but I will show that they have become what they have always hated.