12 Sep 2014

War Propaganda closer to the border

As I write this recovering from a prescription drug overdose, I am reminded of what happened after 9/11. Americans were told that the enemy was going to return if they did not support war against the new threat. Hell, after 9/11 Americans became more paranoid and demanded that the government

07 Aug 2014

Plan of Action for Gaza

This is a short diary so I will make my point clear. I am planning to head to the Gaza Strip to see the damage first hand and help some people along the way. I want to get my own perspective on the situation in Israel and have a fresh

28 Jul 2014

A tough but Important Decision

After returning home from my vacation in Japan, I emailed the admissions department in UC Berkeley telling them that I have decided not to pursue my PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science. I know that I have been approached by them various times, and I was excited to go, but

01 Jul 2014

This 4th of July

As the nationalistic ritual known as the 4th of July approaches, let me start off by listing a few facts about the US that you may or may not know: Current Prison Population in the United States: 716 prisoners per 100000. (as of 2009) Healthcare Expenditures in the US: $8,508

20 Jun 2014

The Iraq War: The Missing “Patriots”

I remember in 2009 when the “Tea Party” movement started, and there was this whole thing about protesting government spending and being against big government. Back then I did agree with the movement on many things, but as years passed by I became disillusioned and realized that they never really

07 Jun 2014

The Clinton Bandwagon

As Hillary Clinton prepares for something that may be another presidential run, I ask myself, why? When I visited the D-Day memorial in Normandy I reflected upon those who have died and was wondering to myself why anyone would send young people of my age back then to a war

17 Jan 2014

Absurdity of “Hate the sin, not the sinner”

As a bisexual man, I get sick and tired of when someone tells me or anyone from the LGBT community that we are sinners and that they hope that we repent and ask god for forgiveness. But hey, it’s a monotony of insanity that continues as days go by. We

15 Aug 2013


Hello world. I have been on  a very long deserved hiatus. Let me take 2 seconds to come out as bisexual. Okay, now here is a poem dedicated to politicians who have long used their power to walk on the people they claim to support. For those who have read

03 Nov 2010

The Status Quo Wins, We Lose

As I watched the elections yesterday, I had the same reaction I had in 2008 and 2006, “the only winners today were those who helped perpetuate the status quo.” Even though I was happy to see some of the candidates I supported win (i.e. Justin Amash) and some who I

29 Oct 2010

The Neocon Agenda for 2010 and Beyond

There will be no change if the GOP regains power in congress, and that’s an understatement.