09 Mar 2012

Denver’s Foreclosure Auctions: Nothing to Joke About

It’s Thursday, March 8th, at 10 AM and another foreclosure auction is taking place at Denver’s Wellington-Webb City and County Building. A dozen houses are being sold to the highest bidder, sometimes for as little as one dollar over the lender’s minimum asking price. Today the auction room is packed

17 Feb 2012

Been underground for so long…..

Good morning, Firedoglake Community! I haven’t posted here for some time and some days I haven’t even thrown in a comment or two.  But not for lack of interest.  I’ve been short on time and energy and both these precious commodities seem to be shrinking at an increasing rate since

11 Jan 2012

$18.3 Million Worth of Water

The South Platte River in Spring, near the Colorado Foothills. It’s snowing on the Colorado Front Range but not enough to silence the anguished wails of Colorado ski resort operators who are reporting only 2 to 3 feet of snow at mid-mountain – with Winter Park clocking in at a

06 Dec 2011

Cars and Caryatids: Detroit and Greece are Taken Over

Detroit and Greece – not usually mentioned in the same sentence.  Except, perhaps, “I’m leaving Detroit in January to spend a month on the islands in Greece.” Both are facing the same set of problems: expenditures, including massive amounts of payments to bondholders, exceeding income. And both are being strongly

04 Dec 2011

Occupy Denver: In which I am hugged by a homeless person

He was shuffling down Denver’s 16th Street Mall, shoulders slumped, face a mottled purple from the cold, blowing snow and freezing fog.  We had almost passed each other, when he turned to me and mumbled, “Can you spare some change for bus fare?” Well, I was no fashion plate myself,

22 Nov 2011

Occupy Fort Collins: Cast out into the Darkness

What city along the base of Colorado’s Front Range is home to a large state educational institution of higher learning, supplies electricity and water to its citizens through city-owned utility companies, and has a Whole Foods Market with awesome vegan selections in its buffet? Wrong!  It’s not Boulder, scornfully referred

15 Nov 2011

Tears and Non-Compliance

I have been reading Joseph Lelyveld’s Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India, trying to understand better the concept of non-violence.  The struggle to liberate India from British rule, the civil rights movement in the United States, the fight by women to gain the vote, the need for

12 Nov 2011

Police Clear Out Occupy Denver

The noon sun warmed the crowd of Saturday marchers who paraded through downtown Denver today, rallying against the idea of “corporate personhood.”  The people were peaceful in spite of a small altercation that erupted in front of the Federal Reserve Bank.  But the protesters immediately began to chant, “Peace, peace

10 Nov 2011

The Only Winning Move is not to Play: Occupy Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Occupiers with Uncle Wilbur Fountain in the Background It looks like a small, slightly tacky Craft Fair.  A half dozen canopies hung with tarps, ranged along the perimeter of the city-block sized park,  piles of poster board, the scattered crowd layered-up in colorful sweaters, caps and parkas.  A giant

04 Nov 2011

Behind the Yellow Tape at the Back of the Bus

Michael Moore at OccupyDenver, 3 November 2011, with bodyguard at the left. Trouble-maker Michael Moore came to Denver yesterday.  And Deidre, the photographer, and I ran from his 2:30 talk at the Auraria campus Turnhalle to his appearance at OccupyDenver’s site on the sidewalk at Civic Center Park at 4:30.