22 Nov 2014

Pull Up a Chair: Thanksgiving Celebration 2014

Here we are, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Twenty questions for you, of a sort: What will your menu be Thursday? Who preps the food? Who do you spend the holiday with, how many people; relatives, friends? How far do you travel, by what mode (air, train, bus, car…)?  How long

21 Jul 2013

Iran: Best Fixed Election in Recent Years

The presidential election was held on June 15, 2013. Here is its public face. There were 680 candidates who applied for president. Filing is costless. Within weeks, Iran’s Guardian Council had narrowed the choice to 8 candidates. Qualifications are published, decisions seem arbitrary, but process is not secret (unlike U.S.

07 Jul 2013

Behind the Morsi Coup; Get Out the Word on Sabahi

Egyptian President Morsi pulled off one of the worst first year tenures as head of government. He lost domestic support, caving to IMF demands to reduce bread and fuel subsidies to Egypt’s abysmally poor, though he campaigned on the opposite. That was not the reason for the military intervention. On

25 Jun 2013

Turning POTUS into Puppet

From Eisenhower to Obama, an outline, for fun. Some in geopolitics talk about deep government or secret government. Those are the parts of government that act out of public view, like the U.S. NSC or NSA or CIA. Contrasted with the allegedly open or public government, like POTUS, congress, courts.

03 Aug 2012

Syria-A Thought Experiment

Does Assad have the authority that Lincoln had to put down a rebellion? Civilian casualties? 1. Cite a source that is reliable with respect to: a. How many casualties there have been b. Which sides have the casualties been on c. How many have been civilian d. How many have

09 Jun 2012

Another Honeybee Update

  There have been interesting developments since my prior update , a mere seven weeks ago. I have been noticing, after a huge store of honey early in the spring and lots of bees coming and going from the hive entrances, that the hive populations have been diminishing. Chris Harp,

21 Apr 2012

Pull Up a Chair and Bee Updated

It has been exactly one year since my first post on bees. Here are some of the more interesting experiences of the hobby in that year. Weather Weather continues to be a challenge. 2011 beat the RECORD precipitation by 10½ inches! Rain washes pollen off the flowers and dilutes nectar,

17 Mar 2012

Pull Up a Chair: St. Patrick’s Day Version

How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (if you are)? I am for the first time this year, postponed until tomorrow owing to schedule conflict for today. All the while I lived in Manhattan, I did not attend the parade. I’m not a parade fan. But it is the highlight

10 Nov 2011

Impressions From My 11/9/11 Visit to OWS

In my attic, I had 3 sub-zero rated sleeping bags, one of which I’d used about 2 weeks/year for maybe a decade, 30 years ago. The other two were less used. When I returned from backpacking, the equipment was washed and properly stored. All 3 are in like-new condition. Also

23 Apr 2011

What I Know About Honeybees

I love my bee girls. I never expected such a small hobby with such serendipital beginnings to develop into such an emotionally satisfying experience. As Chris says: It’s not about the honey. It’s about the bees.