24 Nov 2011

Curious about censorship on firedoglake

Last night I posted a response to a comment on a piece regarding Katehi and her Greek connections.  Someone had written a defense of doing away with the amnesty program for students in Greece. He said student political organizations, according to professors there, were ruling campuses with intimidation. I responded,

21 Nov 2011

Need help with posting.

Folks, I just need some basic help with posting. I’m unfamiliar with this format. For example, how do I embed a video or picture? How do I highlight a quote in blockquote formation? I looked on the FAQ page, and it was either indecipherable or not helpful.   [Ed. Note

19 Oct 2011

Top Demand: Police back off!

My friend in the RCP shared this commentary. There are lists of demands circulating and rumors of lists. Folks are gonna discuss demands. Occupy Chicago already has a short list of demands. However, this commentary makes some compelling points regarding the lack of demands: it’s not such a bad thing!

18 Oct 2011

Is New York Occupy Wall Street Centralizing Control of the Movement?

Occupy Wall St. General assembly, while many were marching in Times Square, voted to establish a working group, apparently, that will formulate plans regarding the below demands and to hold a General Assembly Convention in Philadelphia July 4th, 2012. I agree with most of the demands, although at this point,