11 Apr 2007

Oregon Conservatives Flock to Hearings on Non-Discrimination Bill

Oregon’s legislation SB2, which would prohibit employment discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, had hearings Monday before the Oregon House Elections, Ethics and Rules Committee.

25 Mar 2007

“You have to believe us, you have to trust us, it is not about transgenderism.”

— Quote from Gay Gentry, City Commission of Largo, Florida, on her vote to fire city manager Steve Stanton The idea that “take my word for it” is sufficient explanation for a politician’s actions these days is laughable.  Particularly when that same politician admits in a newspaper interview two days

23 Mar 2007

Stanton Hearing: live coverage

Tampabay.com says that it will have live coverage of the hearing, which begins this evening at 6pm Eastern Time. Coverage of the prior meeting can be found here: http://www.largo.com…

20 Mar 2007

Jesus vs. the Law: Stanton Appeal on Friday

The appeal’s on Friday.  The city manager of Largo, Florida, Steve Stanton, has been fired because he came out as transsexual.  The law is somewhat on his side (see “Transgender Workplace Diversity Blog”). But the local Baptist minister said Jesus wants him fired. So I used Googlefight to decide which

18 Mar 2007

Response to the Largo Commentators

Yesterday, I posted in my diary some of the comments made by readers of the St. Petersburg Times in response to an article about Steve Stanton’s communications plan. Today – my response. Wow – so many confused thoughts in one place.  Where to start?

17 Mar 2007

The Comments from Largo

I’ve just recently found this delightful blog community, and I’m just itching to join in the fun.  If my post steps out of line or breaks some rule, please do let me know.  I have another blog, called “Transgender Workplace Diversity” on Blogger, at http://jweissdiary.b… but that’s supposed to be