30 Jul 2014

A Few Reasons Why Evan Bayh Needs to Stay Out of Indiana

Crossposted from Schools Matter With so many people saying Evan Bayh must come back to Indiana to “save” public education and many saying he is considering a run for governor,  it is time to set the record straight and let Hoosiers know about the real Evan Bayh. Here is just a glimpse

19 Jul 2014

Andre Carson’s Wife and the Indy School Privatizers

By Doug Martin (This first appeared at Schools Matter, under a slightly different form here.  Hear Doug Martin on the War Report on Public Education radio show tomorrow, July 20, at 5 pm California Pacific Time and 2 pm Indiana Eastern Standard Time. You can tune in at this link.

15 Jun 2014

Hoosier School Heist: The Book with the Dirt on School Privatization

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, but I want everyone who is interested to know that my book Hoosier School Heist is out, and I am currently travelling Indiana speaking.  If you haven’t heard of the book, here is a brief rundown and what people are saying about

31 Jul 2013

School Superintendent Tony Bennett’s Mega-Millionaire Charter School: What Else You Should Know

As everyone by now knows, former Indiana (and now Florida) supt. of public schools Tony Bennett was recently caught rigging the grades of an Indy charter school run by multi-millionaire exchange vocation princess, Republican (and Democrat) campaign donor, mansion owner, and current Indiana Education Roundtable member Christel DeHaan.  Here are

20 Jul 2013

Mitch Daniels Plagiarized in His First Response to Zinn Emails

In response* to emails Associated Press’s Tom LoBianco posted** recently concerning the former Indiana governor’s attempts to ban Howard Zinn’s work from classrooms,  Mitch Daniels, now president of Purdue University, first lifted words from someone else’s writing and passed them off as his own. Just as Daniels was given a

05 May 2012

Teaching as CIA Cover–Gülen Charter Schools, Dan Burton, and State Secrets

This research first appeared at Common Errant.  To read Doug Martin’s COMPLETE and SHOCKING story on Gülen in Indiana and across the country, order his book Hoosier School Heist at this link: http://hoosierschoolheist.com/order.html ) Besides noting U.S. charter school connections to the Fethullah Gülen Movement during her testimony in the

07 Jan 2012

Imperial Philanthropy: Using Education Reform to Buy the Earth and Sky

Christel House Donors: Dell’s Official Flckr Page (The following was first posted on B-Town Errant, Bloomington, Indiana:) B-Town Errant Editor’s note: Doug Martin’s work supplies a kind of corrective to the simple “top-line” story and understanding of the education reform movement.  It can be understood to be “about” management and

12 Dec 2011

Frank Biden and Privatizers Buying Nation’s 11th-Largest School District

(The following is part of a larger investigative piece on donations and other financial public records in various counties concerning members of Mavericks in Education Florida, Charter Schools USA, and Imagine Schools.  It first appeared at B-Town Errant.) When the Palm Beach Post endorsed Chuck E. Shaw for the Palm

29 Nov 2011

Joe Biden’s Brother Helping God Privatize Public Schools

(This was first posted at B-Town Errant, Bloomington, Indiana) When Lisa Rab outed Joe Biden’s brother, Frank, as a major force behind a for-profit education management organization (EMO) dead set on building 100 new charter schools across Florida,* it came as no surprise to anyone who has been paying the

19 Sep 2011

Warren Buffett and Corporate School Reformers to Gentrify / Charterize Indianapolis and Other Cities

This piece is cross-posted at B-Town Errant, Indiana’s new and most progressive anti-corporate magazine. Please check it out. As Atlanta Progressive Review’s Matthew Cardinale recently noted, Purpose Built Communities (PBC), a neighborhood turnaround group started in 2009 by Warren Buffett, hedge fund manager Julian Robertson, and Atlanta businessman Tom Cousins,