10 Sep 2013

FDL Is Progressive PC for the Divine Right of Kings? Part 2 of 3

Is “Progressive” the Politically Correct way of saying the “Divine Right of Kings”? PROLOGUE TO PART 2 Progressive & Occupy Together This is part two of a three part series. As many of the facts and premises for part two were laid out in part one, it will likely be

10 Aug 2013

Regarding Occupy McDonald’s wage increase demand

Occupy McDonald’s Wage Demand Recently the headlines have been filled with demands from fast food employees for wage increases. In loose affiliation with the Occupy Movement, these employees have demanded wage increases nearly double their current wages. As an adherent to Natural Law, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,

01 Aug 2013

Acknowledging the birth of a royal bastard

Legend has it that, after he had won the revolutionary war, George Washington was offered the title of King. As the legend goes, he declined the offer, Instead he embraced Natural Law and the governance doctrine of “Consent of the Governed”. These were ideas that had been cultivated and matured

18 Jul 2013

Back from recess, Congress to consider bill to vote from home!

With Congress back from its 4th of July recess, it will consider a bill introduced by Democrat Representative Eric Swalwell of California. Rep. Swalwll’s bill proposes that Congressfolks be able to vote from home, citing the technology exists to make this possible and secure. However, the details of Representative Swalwell’s

04 Jul 2013

Natural Law: How WE THE PEOPLE got to the 4th of July, 1776 – Part 1 of 2

England’s King George III & the Divine Right of Kings As the day of this Country’s 237th Anniversary of our Declaration of Independence approaches, let us take this opportunity to revisit and discuss the events and circumstances that inspired thesubjects of the American Colonies to revolt and declare independence from

28 May 2013

Fiscal TAR success! Wisconsin gives citIzens internet access to its checkbook

As this writer’s regular readers are aware, this writer has pressed for Fiscal TAR (Transparency, Accountability and Reform) since the Summer of 2009. Wright County Minnesota refused to adequately respond to this writer’s request for County financial information. Said information is supposed to be a matter of public record. This

16 Jan 2013

2013 New Year’s Resolutions Provoked by Election 2012

Let us begin with best wishes to all of my readers in this New Year of 2013. This writer has purposely not written much regarding politics since this past November 6th, 2012 to gain perspective on the best direction in which this Country should proceed. After the election, this writer

05 Nov 2012

Election 2012: Why I won’t vote for Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Gildea

(nor any other incumbent Minnesota State Judge) The Minnesota Courts have finally committed such an outrageous and undeniable act of tyranny, that even the most disinterested and skeptical of Minnesota citizens are forced to acknowledge it as an act against public policy and the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE.

28 Oct 2012

Congressional Insider Trading – Rocks, Puppies and Ostriches

No real American man would willingly allow himself to be robbed, mugged or conned without struggle or reprisal. Whether out of pride or the obligation to provide for his family, no real man will allow himself to be robbed, mugged or scammed if he can prevent it. And, in the

16 Oct 2012

Election 2012 – Presidential Debate Questions That Matter

As this writer looks out over the political landscape, he is amazed at how irrelevant the content of commercials and debates really are. The debates seem to be scripted and choreographed in a style fashioned after TV’s Professional Wrestling. Except that Pro Wrestling is little more than relatively harmless entertainment,