17 Jul 2011

Progressives Descended from Heaven on White Stallions

I am disappointed in Obama for his lack of insistence on more tax increases and fewer spending cuts in the mix. But, wait, he is insisting on tax increases on the wealthy and one must study the quality of the cuts, meaning the timing and whether these are actually cuts or

07 Jul 2011

The False Church of the neo-Keynesian Ideologues

Is Dean Baker that poor an economic historian or just another hack propagandist? Was he misquoted or taken out of context? Quoting a quote from my friend and colleague Fairleft over at Pffugee Camp:  Keynes in the 1930s … explained how the government could provide the boost necessary to get

01 Jul 2011

The Snorkeling unto Death

My belief is that any Revolution which proceeds without a concomitant human enlightenment is doomed to failure. We need all be Buddhas. Without elimination of the base human nature, nothing so good as a workers revolution can sustain for more than a generation or two, if that long, before the

16 Jun 2011

Go on, be a Tiger….

Tiger Woods’ career went into the ditch about the time he drove his SUV into one, with his wife enthusiastically chasing him from behind, swinging a nine-iron through the rear window more effectively than had any of his on course pursuers during his heyday. My own theory is that Tiger’s

06 Nov 2010

The Soundless and the Fury

Much is being made post-midterms of the timidity with which Obama has governed. I agree wholeheartedly. He has shown no balls in governance and has gotten his just reward. There is an art to leading a recalcitrant Democratic congressional coalition and a solidified Republican opposition and Obama must now learn

04 Nov 2009

A Win for Republicans?

Analysis of yesterday’s election reults

01 Nov 2009

Apple Asia

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31 Oct 2009

Mega Dittoes: New Party of the Right Set to Sail

This is an essay on the emergence of the Teabaggers as an organized force in US politics