28 Jul 2012

On the Paleo-Conservative Reaction to the Syrian Rebellion by Supposed Leftists

There can be no doubt that the US is involved in Syria covertly, as are any number of countries on both sides of the conflict. I grok the isolationist, paleo-conservative viewpoint which is the real underlying idealism that pacifist progressives seek to promote. It goes like this: “The US should

21 Jul 2012

Pillars of Fake Leftism Exposed: WSWS.org

There is a website called the World Socialist Website. Frequently, it runs editorial content extolling the supposed virtues of certain Middle Eastern dictatorships in their supposed anti-imperialist struggles against the US and NATO countries during the Arab Spring. Its content has been widely cited by “infantile ultraleftist” bloggers in recent

18 Jul 2012

“Decisive Battle” underway in Damascus, according to Russia’s Foreign Minister

Much “infantile leftist” blathering has accompanied the recent statements of Nawaf al Fares, the defected former Syrian ambassador to Iraq during the Bush Family Middle Eastern Adventure, Part II. Fares stated that Al Qaeda was active during the Iraqi misadventure thanks to the support of Bashar al-Assad and regime. Not

17 Jul 2012

The Unbearable Triteness of Being

The patient sat silently, staring down at the shoes dangling from the examination table. His wife leafed through the fashion magazine she’d brought along with her from the waiting room. After a delay, the doctor came in with a laptop tucked under his arm. He sat down and began to

13 Jul 2012


Her words like a stone skips cross water spread rippled waves through my head You wrote me off for dead yesterday, She shrugged An yet here you still are today spinning round and round and round my face– your broken clock.

05 Jul 2012

The Troll Wars 69 – The Gay Love Chronicles of Hypocritical Republicans

Its been more than a week now since rumours of the gay love affair between Karl Rove and conservative boy wunderkind Ali A. Akbar surfaced on the internets. Bracing for a round of vigouorous denials from the straight arrow camp, we have instead been treated to the sounds of right-leaning

29 Jun 2012

Evidence-Based Medicine: US Healthcare in the Year 2525

Actually, before then. The above date is just a cheap lead-in for a patented, stale donkeytale oldie song alert. (Stay tuned until the end of this dairy, please). First, lets acknowledge that Obamacare is a necessary first step, one fraught with errors and half-steps, compromises, sell-outs to corporate medicine. But

16 Jun 2012

The Troll Wars 8.0 – The Breitbart Cult Survives its Dear Leader

I confess to having had my eyes opened to the machinations of the right wing political blog machine, which is something of a tacit conspiracy of like-minded zombies. Unlike the left wing blog zombie political machine, which can’t even seem to reach agreement on such simple things as the colour

10 Jun 2012

The Troll Wars 7 : An Army of (Inverted) Davids

Today being Sunday and all, I thought it a good day to explore this particular meme, which has become a fairly regular drumbeat wrt the Kimberline Kerfluffle currently consuming vast quantities of right wing tube time and even beginning to stir a bit of the leftysphere right here on the

07 Jun 2012

The Troll Wars 6.9

Reading over a partial transcript of Aaron Walker’s hearing, I don’t come away with necessarily the same “this is denial of free speech” meme thats being spun hard on the right. Nor do I find the Judge totally deficient in wisdom or clueless as has been alleged. He is musing