14 Sep 2012

Let’s Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: The Movie

You had the right idea, dude, just the wrong medium. This no budget masterpiece has megaditto donations written all over it. You make a video Mohammed, not some stupid stick figure Mohammed with a crayon, and then you post it to YouTube and watch in self satisfaction as Muslims world

09 Sep 2012

Progressive White People’s Party Candidate Tops Libertarian White People’s Party Candidate!

Jill Stein, MD, from the exceedingly White Yuppie elitist environs of Lexington Mass grabbed an impressive 3% share in a recent Massacussetts PPP poll. Gary Johnson, entrepreneur, who hails from the exceedingly White Yuppie elitist environs of Santa Fe Taos, New Mexico (actually I’m not sure where he lives in

06 Sep 2012

[Meta] Questions Still Seeking Answers

From the comment thread of my last diary: ocoastperson September 4th, 2012 at 9:02 am: Good question, donkeytale. (Hated a previous post of yours where you flat out called me a (white middle class progressive) racist just cause I won’t forget how Obombem sold us out on all those campaign

03 Sep 2012

Questions Seeking Answers

Latinos now make up the majority of public school students in the two most populous states. California, as usual, got there first. That influence will only grow as Latino parents – now in the majority – realize many of the schools their children attend are underfunded, said Bruce Fuller, a

02 Sep 2012

Why Third Party Progressives are Racist and in Tacit Support of GOP Fascism

MyFDL Editor Note: Title edited due to inflammatory nature for compliance with MyFDL standards [ author’s note: I came back to change the title and saw it had been changed already by the editor to: What I think of you people. This changed title is misleading, unfair and and an

26 Aug 2012

Beat the Meetles! Part 1

Beatles albums can be categorised into two distinct periods: BCE – John, the-scotch-and-coke-swilling-meat-eater AD – John, the pussy-whipped-by-a-Japanese-whackjob-art-chick-vegan-acid-head The first period extends from the initial Parlophone release Please Please Me through Revolver, while the second runs from Sergeant Pepper through Abbey Road. (Let it Be, although released later to coincide

12 Aug 2012

The Real Reason for Ryan: Stanch the Disintegration of the GOP First, Win Election Second

There is only one worldwide conspiracy, ladies and gentlemen, and its not really a conspiracy, its an economic system and its various political ennabling apparatuses known as “global capitalism.” This is nothing new. Lenin penned an astoundingly accurate description of the current system nearly a hundred years ago. And rather

05 Aug 2012

Syrian Revolution: Facts on the Ground — UPDATED

Link to article [Monif Mulhem was born in 1959 and joined the Communist Action Party (CAP) at the end of the 1970s. In the CAP communists of different tendencies worked together, while the official CP participated in the Syrian government with the Ba’ath party. In 1980, Monif joined the Fourth

04 Aug 2012

Syria: Step Back for a Moment and Consider

The middle east has been called the fault line of world civilisation. At least since Roman times, the cracks have been perceptible, shifting shape and widening at critical points of intense conflict such as during the Crusades, World Wars I and II, plus the postwar re-drawing of maps and political

03 Aug 2012

Dardari: The Trojan Horse of Neoliberal Syria

http://english.al-akhbar.com/content/dardari-trojan-horse-neoliberal-syria People who really know Syria inside out realize that Bashar Assad began to undermine his rule the moment he became president. His so-called reform freed the economy without renewing political life. The neoliberal suit had to fit the Baath straight jacket. Assad found the perfect man for the job,