23 Oct 2012

The Typical Greenwald “Muddle”: Progressive Libertarian Oracle, Except when He’s Not

Glenn Greenwald has this marvelous ability to make declarative statements from his own frequently overwrought pre-suppositions, which he then feels the need to immediately hedge because he knows the reality is somewhat different from the false meme he presents. Unfortunately for easily misled progressives, it is the false memes that

21 Oct 2012

Stein/Johnson Online Debate October 18, 2012

The debate transcript is here. Eh, well, it can only improve from here.

20 Oct 2012

Google Hits Alone Won’t Change the World

Google Search : “Stein arrested at debate” About 5,210,000 results (0.44 seconds) I don’t doubt for a second that Stein and Honkala are both courageous women standing up to the PTB. But, srsly, people. Google hits alone can’t change the world. WTF. This reminds me much more of Cindy Sheehan

19 Oct 2012

Stein and Honkala Stand Their Ground — Alone

Dear Jill and Cheri, What’s the problem with this picture? This is not a political movement. It’s a photo video op. Why no fellow protestors? Are you afraid of alienating the undecided voters? No one else willing to get their Green pantsuits dirty for democracy? How can you rally five

16 Oct 2012

Why I Mispel

I created the Mispellicism Movement on PFF as a pwoggie intellectual equivalent and tribute to the politicized debasement of the Ainglish language found in hip-hop. I am pleased to say that to date, Mispellicism has grown to become the only sustained activism of historical note in the short, sordid history

13 Oct 2012

“Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves”

I think the technical term you want is “internet psychosis.” I, on the other hand, am an aspie…like Dylan, an autistic grandee of the royal nonesuch. If my girlfriend dumps me she’s a psycho. If she decides to stay she’s an exulted aspie… My wife is outside at midnight giving

09 Oct 2012

Hugo Chavez: “I Would Vote for Obama if I Could.”

Chavez, you see, is an actual leftist. A Latin American socialist. A working class Latino. The future of the United States of America is Latin American. It is the Hispanic youth, like Sanchez, who are spearheading the new political push. The demographics are irreversible, Grijalva said. “You can put impediments

01 Oct 2012

One Specific Element of the Lesser of Two Evils

Under Obamacare, Medicaid eligibility is expanded dramatically. About half of the increase in covered lives under the plan, which passed without GOP support, will result from a huge expansion of the public, single-payor program. Seventeen million uninsured, childless adults who currently do not qualify for Medicaid are estimated to become

29 Sep 2012

Third Party Candidate May Well Tip the 2012 Presidential Election

That is, if the election comes down to Ohio, which of course, was indeed the case, as recently as 2004. Unfortunately for Third Party Progressives, it’s none of your preferred candidates in position to do the tipping. According to a Gravis Marketing Ohio poll, Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson

18 Sep 2012

Poetic Justice for the Internet Junkie Surfing the Net

Now it can be revealed. Jimmy Carter’s grandson first uncovered Romney’s ‘47%er’ video while doing amateur oppo research in defense of Papaw’s besmirched rep. “The hidden camera video — it was all blurred out at the beginning, and it was mysterious,” Carter said. “It piqued my interest.” Something told him