28 Dec 2007

The Spin I’m In: URGENT

For the last couple of months, my friend who is in the Producer’s Guild of America has been getting numerous Fed X packages marked “URGENT” and “OPEN IMMEDIATELY”. The other day he tore open a package marked “A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH” and inside was a DVD of Ratatouille.

21 Dec 2007

The Spin I’m In: Soulstice Greetings

Korla Pandit A couple of years ago a friend of mine lit a winter solstice candle in his apartment. He then went down to his parking space to clean out his car. After getting rid of all of the trash, he looked up at his apartment building to see smoke billowing out of his windows.

14 Dec 2007

The Spin I’m In: Sticky Fingers

“Casting Agents and Cowgirls” In addition to the proposed “Pro IP” Bill that I’ve been reading about which increases the penalties for copyright infringements, I also came across this piece in AlterNet titled Download a Song, Lose Your Loan. The article, which could’ve actually been titled “Someone Else Downloads a Song, You Lose Your Loan”, is about the newly passed College Opportunity and Affordability Act (COAA).

07 Dec 2007

The Spin I’m In: All Apologies

The clip shown above is from a 1967 Philco-Ford production entitled Year 1999 A.D., a cheery look at the future where the wife still shops and the husband takes care of all the bills. Ah, those were the days, ay ladies? Well, I came across more depressing news and a crappy idea from the powers that be in the music industry.

30 Nov 2007

The Spin Im In: “Commons” Ground

“What is Creative Commons?
Wanna Work Together RG Remix”
Robin Good Subscribe to
@ YouTube Well, my friend and fellow artist Kristin Hersh and I launched a new endeavor called CASH Music (Coalition for Artists and Stake Holders) this week that got some coverage in WIRED. I’ll fill you in with more details later as we’ve just barely scratched the surface with the site, but for now you can dig into Creative Commons, which we’ve embraced

23 Nov 2007

The Spin I’m In: Season’s Bickerings

Instead of bickering about how much flour goes in the gravy, this year a couple of musician friends and I argued about music downloading, and just how rich Paul McCartney should be. It was really fun, but I think that we may have alienated a few people over the pumpkin pie.My friend was totally baffled and offended that a fan asked him for a CD gratis at one of his

16 Nov 2007

The Spin I’m In: Endless Love

“Bush Blair Endless Love”
CJWeeks Subscribe to
@ YouTube I just saw this YouTube for the first time last night and thought it was worth sharing with you all. If your stomach can handle the nausea of looking at these two guys…..enjoy!

09 Nov 2007

The Spin I’m In: Opening Night

I have a movie premier to attend this evening. It would be more glamorous if my hair didn’t have two inches of dark roots followed by a foot of bleach blonde. I haven’t been to the hairdresser in a while. I’m not sweating it, I’ll make it work.The film is The Life of Reilly starring the one and only Charles Nelson Reilly and based on the one-man play about his

02 Nov 2007

The Spin I’m In: Gimme Somethin’ New

“Mini Mini Mini”
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@ YouTube

I hope you dig my playlist this week. I’m curious as to what you all are listening to. I feel like getting turned on to something new. What’s the Spin You’re In???

26 Oct 2007

The Spin I’m In: The Little Things That Count

“Around the World”
Daft Punk Subscribe to
@ YouTube Nine thousand miles and 22 cities later I am finally back in LA. I’ve had sufficient enough time to do some pondering on what makes playing in clubs nightly a pleasurable or painful experience. It truly is the little things that count: a clean dressing room, a friendly competent staff, and a stiff drink now and again.