16 May 2008

The Spin I’m In: Shake Your Tail Feather Duster

Finifinito, who helps me each week with technical support here at The Spin I’m In, supplied us with this week’s play-list which he swears will get us spring cleaning. Shake your tail feather duster.

09 May 2008

The Spin I’m In: They Got the Silver

I finally got to see Martin Scorsese’s concert film of the Rolling Stones, Shine A Light last weekend. I’m sick of people talking about the Rolling Stones being old, looking old, whatever. Anyone should look so good at their age. In fact, most snipers probably should look so good ever in their lives.

02 May 2008

The Spin I’m In: Dig Yourself

I love how fast you can find music these days. I heard a song on the radio yesterday that I really dug, Googled what I thought the chorus was saying and there it was- U.R.A Fever by The Kills. And here it is for you. Cool video too. Kudos to the B 52’s for putting out a great new album Funplex, their first in sixteen years!

25 Apr 2008

The Spin I’m In: Rotten to the Core

Please enjoy this YouTube play-list of one of my favorite musical artists and TV stars John Lydon. Johnny gives good interview.

18 Apr 2008

The Spin I’m In: Coachella Nights

This year’s big music festival season kicks off next weekend at “Coachella” out in the California desert. I’m not going because I’m a vampire, though Love and Rockets are calling me like sirens on the rocks. If I’m a pile of dust next week you can blame it on them.

Please enjoy this week’s playlist of some of the many artists that will perform at Coachella this year. What’s the Spin You’re In?

11 Apr 2008

The Spin I’m In: Wacka Wacka Nuka Licka, Would You Like a Lei?

Please enjoy this week’s YouTube and playlist, and remember people… if you can sit, you can get fit.

04 Apr 2008

The Spin I’m In: Love Thy Nabors

A couple of years ago, through my bedroom window, I heard a man singing the “Star Spangled Banner” a cappella in a very loud, robust, Jim Nabors sort of way. He was really going for it, all by himself. I thought it was so strange, some neighbor in his apartment whose face I couldn’t see, just the voice drifting over into my window. Fascinated, I listened to him for a while in amusement as he tried to hit all of the notes.

28 Mar 2008

The Spin I’m In: Be A Pepper

This was my favorite music story this week. Seemingly out of nowhere, Dr. Pepper offers a free can of soda to every man, woman, and child in the US if Axl Rose releases the long awaited Guns and Roses album “Chinese Democracy” anytime in 2008. The record, said by the New York Times to be “the most expensive album ever”, has been in the works for about seventeen years now.

21 Mar 2008

The Spin I’m In: From Baghdad to Big Shoulders

As a non-profit organization, to keep operating Iraqi Art depends on alternative sources of funding such as grants, sponsorship, and private donations. This project needs our support, people. If you would like to buy some beautiful art or just sponsor a very worthy cause, please visit their website www.iraqi-art.com.

14 Mar 2008

The Spin I’m In: Diamond’s in the Rough

A few months ago, a soloed vocal track of David Lee Roth’s performance on Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With the Devil” started going around. When I first heard it, I thought it was funny, but I also thought it was so violating. I remember laughing and shaking my head at the same time, especially knowing what it’s like to be in a vocal booth with headphones on lettin’ loose.