25 Aug 2006

The Spin I’m In: Oh Brother

I’m going to a really fun street festival in LA this weekend called Sunset Junction. Mostly just to hang out, but I also want to see the reunion show of a band I used to like called Redd Kross. When I first moved to LA I would go to see

18 Aug 2006

The Spin I’m In: Fall Into The Cash

I went to a fun show last night at the Troubadour in L.A. to see two bands that I really like, Gram Rabbit and The 88. The 88 have released two stellar records on their own without any help from a record label. They are not played on commercial radio

11 Aug 2006

The Spin I’m In: We’ll Bring You Down

After Joe Lieberman’s non-concession speech on Tuesday night, The Rolling Stones’ "Start Me Up" started blaring through my TV. For your reading pleasure, a pull quote from the song: You make a grown man cry You make a dead man cum Great lyrics, but pretty raunchy for a political campaign,

04 Aug 2006

The Spin I’m In: Vote, Baby, Vote

I have butterflies in my stomach. I’m really excited and scared at the same time. This time next week I’m either going to have the most kick-ass party Spin or a really depressing/ apocalyptic one. As for this week, The Spin I’m In is dedicated to and inspired by all

28 Jul 2006

The Spin I’m In: Pool Hoppin’

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for over twenty years now and I’ve never even considered buying an air conditioner. I pride myself on toughing out the usual two weeks in late August that get close to triple digits, but I’ve never experienced such a hot summer here. I’m trying not

21 Jul 2006

The Spin I’m In: Angels With Attitude

  The Ditty Bops – Angel With An Attitude (click below for video) Courtesy of Maverick/Warner Bros Quicktime               LoFi    HiFi Windows Media        LoFi    HiFi Several months ago I started noticing Reagan-era Mercedes Benzes parked around my neighborhood (Silverlake,

14 Jul 2006

The Spin I’m In: Spirits In The Sky

I was innocently thumbing through a trendy LA magazine the other night, about to fall asleep, when I turned the page and saw the striking image above. At first I thought.. wow, that’s a beautiful photograph…Jimi Hendrix and his band really had it goin’ on…look at the clothes…look at the

07 Jul 2006

The Spin I’m In

Alright People! I am thrilled to be joining the agitators here at FDL. I’d like to thank you for the warm welcome wagon in the comments section after Jane’s gracious announcement the other day. Now I happen to know that Jane is quite the music aficionado, so I am honored